Monday, October 20, 2008

Clemson gametime and other links

When the schedule first came out, I never thought the Clemson game would be relegated to ESPN U. For those who tailgate you get the 3:30 slot (which is nice).

Unsure of how the ACC tiebreakers work? HD explains it.

Dudley started out slow, but impressed during summer league play.

Here are Saturday's highlights from a VT perspective. (Thanks to BCMike for the link.)

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BCNorCal07 said...

This is kind of funny:

It's kind of awful when a fanbase gets to this point. Thank god the whole TOB mess happened in the pre-bowl break and there were no games in which to voice our disleasure. However, I have to feel for VT fans. With how well Josh Morgan and Eddie Royal are doing on Sundays, it just shows that - on some level - the VT offensive staff doesn't know what to do with that kind of skill-position talent and depth. Of course, the inability to exploit that talent has certainly worked in our favor the last couple years.

BCMike said...

On Richy Gunn's PR, who is it that ear-holes the poor punter at the 40 yard line?

BCNorCal07 said...

It was Rollins, I believe.

BCDisco said...

I could be dead wrong, but the crowd sounds pretty good to me. Maybe the camera mics were all near the student section.