Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Defensive stats and other links

In his latest mailbag, Stewart Mandel addressed the issue regarding Big XII defenses. In an effort to prove that pace of the game impacts stats and therefore total defense, he decided to use yards per play as a equalizing measurement. He then showed that Oklahoma and Georgia have similar yards per plays stats (4.59 and 4.58 respectively). He also compared Oklahoma State and LSU (4.88 and 4.84 respectively). The stat got me wondering...BC is fourth in yards per game and 10th in points per game. Does the yards per play undermine that? Is BC not as good as Oklahoma or Georgia? A quick calculation reinforced BC has a very good defense. Even with new fangled stats, our D is better than most averaging only 4.09 yards per play.

Alums are hitting their hometowns. First Dudley went back to San Diego. This weekend Ryan goes back to Philly. (Thanks to John for the link.)

Another preview of the game.

Dr. Saturday moves his ACC focus to Georgia Tech. I am glad he is bypassing BC, as his column has been a bad omen for the team in the spotlight.

Despite my efforts to debunk it, HD buys the "rookie" arguement.

The New York Times is paying attention to BC. (Thanks to Andres.)

BC is moving up various ACC Power Rankings.

BC is getting in early with 2010 recruit E.J. Scott. But some on the staff are going even younger. Mike Siravo offered Davonte Neal, who is a 15-year-old freshmen, a scholarship. (Credit to BC All Access for the link.)

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BCDisco said...

I wanted to comment on this earlier. I really like this quote from Jags:

"Matt Ryan, how many picks did he have against Virginia Tech last year? He had 'em, too. You don't remember those. You just remember what he did good. But it takes all 11 guys. Protection wasn't great. We had some drops. We dropped two touchdown passes."

This was really refreshing to see Jags run to Crane's defense. I seem to remember many times where TOB would practically throw any underachieving QB under the bus after a game, especially if it was a loss.