Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good, old fashioned butt kicking

Every unit looked bad but having "bad Crane" without the good one was probably the deciding factor in the second half. For those who pay attention to these things, that was BC's most lopsided loss since the infamous Syracuse game.

Now the margin of error within the division is gone and our QB remains a major liability.

I'll have grades and second-viewing thoughts up late Sunday.


Ryan said...

Atrocious in just about every aspect. Thoughts on Davis possibly starting vs. Clemson next week? If not, I expect more the same mediocrity. Our D bailed us out vs. VT, but Clemson is more multi-dimensional on offense obviously.

Joe Grav said...


We don't win that game no matter who's playing quarterback.

eerily reminiscent of Maryland last year.

mmason said...

The guys just didn't have any pop in the second half--those turnovers sucked the life out of us. We survived 'em with VT, but now it's epidemic--it's who we are, it's 5 int's for scores in two games. Raji was on, tho--he kept goin'after it. The only option now is the kid QB. BC has turned many a season around making the change after a debacle like this one. It has to happen.

eaglealum said...

I'm really surprised Davis didn't get some snaps when the game went to 38 or 45-17. It was a great opportunity to get him some meaningful game experience without too much pressure.

I think Jags was right when he said that he wanted to get Davis 20-25 plays a game. If he doesn't get more PT we'll end up with another untested QB if Crane gets injured or completely self-destructs, or we'll go into next year with a situation similar to what we faced this year, QB's with no meaningful D1 experience.

I think Jags wants Crane to know it's his team, but Chris, of all people, should understand the need to give Davis some time. Jags has to take advantage of these situations when they present themselves (hopefully we'll be winning!).

Joe Bags said...

Disgustiad. Disgraciad.

tow2nd2none said...

Last time Crane had his role threatened, he torched NC State for 400+ yards. Maybe a little QB competition is what he needs to light a fire under his ass.

Plus, going into next year, as a few of you have already mentioned, we need a QB with some D1 game experience to prevent debacles like this one from happening again.

Eagle in Brighton said...

At least it wasn't a divisional game.

roswell said...

Why did BC abandon the run only 7 points down in the 3rd quarter? They put Crane in bad position.
I didn't understand short kick after tying game with less than 1 minute in first half. NC's late TD changed complexion of game

Unknown said...

hopefully this will finally wake jags up to the fact that the squib is stupid as all hell. We've spent two years watching these kicks and it us just killer.

That said, crane is really strange. He had a few really good drives where he mixed things up and hit open guys. Then he has the debacles that are almost unbelievable. I know this has been beaten into the ground by now, but it continues to dumbfound me.

Someone in a prior post said 6-6 is a real possibility. I think that 7-5 is the likely conclusion. After our start, pretty rough if that's where we end up.

vdb76 said...

The team is poorly coached. Time after time a loss after a prime-time win. Sloppy. Turnovers and poor tackling. Crane throws behind his receivers habitually. The db's get wise and the frenzy is on. Stop painting your faces with eye black and concentrate on not letting the opposing team march down the field for scores in two minute situations.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

Let's not leave Logan out of the mix. Matt Ryan is and was a very accurate passer. Yet under Logan last year he was viewed as having an "interception" problem. So why is Logan having Crane throw into traffic. That was the cause of at least 2 pics!. Logan should realize Crane's limits and try to minimize the risk of the lethal pick-6's

Joe Grav said...

Logan should realize Crane's limits


Greg said...

So what should Logan have Crane do? I am by no means a football expert, but it seems like he has thrown interceptions with deep, mid and short passes. They have been on slants, swings, outs, etc.

It seems like one of Crane's biggest problems is locking onto a receiver. I can't recall seeing a quarterback that completely stares the whole time at one receiver.

What I can't understand is why we seem to give up on the run so quickly.

Unknown said...

You are dead on. I have never seen Crane look off a defense. He locks on and if he is inaccurate in the pass (which happens a lot) a pick is always possible. I seriously have never seen a college QB this bad at locking on a receiver.

I agree Logan gets a lot of the blame. Harris and Haden got a combined 12 carries. We have the most interception prone QB in the ACC (if not country) and NC has the best ballhawking DB's in the ACC (if not country) so logic would say we would run to set up the pass, not the other way around.

NC State had the worst passing defense in the ACC so we passed. That makes some sense. Makes no sense in this game.

Also, what happened to the option? It worked well and kept defenses honest. I saw a lot of the read bootleg, but no option. I thought that play was working well for us.

Frustrating. By the way, our DB's were exposed. Their receivers looked like men playing against boys.

Joe Bags said...

jbeans - Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The defense allowed 238 yards passing. Not a good day, but "exposed" is a stretch. More than half of that was to Nicks. Yeah, Nicks looked like a man among boys against BC, just like he has against most other teams he has played. Last year, he had nearly 1000 yards receiving as a sophomore, and yesterday was his fourth 100+ yard game of the season.

J Mac said...

Clear at this point we are looking at Feast or Famine when it comes to Crane, you don't know what he going to do each week. Lets just hope he can get us to a bowl game and then get the hell of the heights so that we can start the Davis era (a QB that is more inclined to be successful in the sceme that Jags wants to run).

mmason said...

Take a look at Bill's blog Tribute to Paul Peterson. Remember Paul's special qualities--the little guy's spirit,leadership,ability to execute under pressure, his warrior broken-play genius? To follow, a Flutie or a Ryan, a QB has to have a winner's heart. PP was a no panic QB who got crazy but never stupid. A threat on every snap, he was an Eagle-not some dude learning to fly. He knew how to win. Does Crane?

Big Jack Krack said...

atleagle - I'll await your second viewing and ratings, etc.

My wife and I were at the game with my daughter and boyfriend who live in Vermont. All I can say is WOW! Did anyone get the name on that bus that ran us over? We were sitting between the 5 and 10 yard line, but low - Row F - so one gets a different perspective of the game.

It was indeed a butt kicking. Our team looked flat from the get go. I watched them closely during pre-game - I watched them running out for the kickoff and I watched them running/walking out for the second half. Everyone looked slow and unready - players and coaches.

I do not think they were prepared in any sense - and I'm very disappointed in that. Mark this game as the first indication that some coaching changes may have to be made. Maybe not, hopefully not - but mark this as the first real indication of maybe. Losing a game is one thing - getting blasted by a team of pretty much equal ability is another. After we went up 10 - 0, we were outscored 45 to 7 - forget the last touchdown.

UNC fans were great for the most part, and we had a lot of fun on Franklin Street. I think most of them felt like something really wierd happened in this game, because everyone thought it would be close.

I'll be on the 50 yard line in Alumni for the next two games - Go BC.

As Coach Spaz says "Run scared" because we could indeed lose every game we have left. Let's show we can come back - win the next two really tough games at home - and go from there!!! 8 and 4 at least is the goal. 5 and 3 might win the Atlantic.