Friday, October 24, 2008

Oates sighting and other links

John Oates signed with the Manchester Millrats of the Premier Basketball League. Not the NBA but it's a paycheck.

The Philadelphia media is all over they Ryan back to Philly angle. Their defensive coordinator is comparing him to Peyton Manning. (Thanks to Enrico for the link.) This article includes a confident quote from Ryan's high school coach.

Tony Barnhart thinks UNC is going to win.

BC recruiting target Joe Boisture is getting more attention.

In the notes section of this article, it mentions Newman and Giles nagging injuries. Both will play, but we are starting to get thing at DE.

Wonky football warning! Brian at Mgoblog has a nice breakdown of the Center's duties in this zone run. The blocking scheme is very similar to many that BC uses in the course of the game. Brian shows how hard it is for the Center to get across his man. We're lucky in that Tennant is very good at this and has been from the day he started.

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