Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Respect for Rice and other links

Some bloggers consider Rice one of the top guards in the country.

I usually don't link to articles in the Heights, but thought this one on Montel Harris had two good nuggets: 1. Jags weighing and measuring him in the office 2. rooming with Herzy during the summer. The Jags story shows the coach's sense of humor and willingness to recruit a kid that others viewed as an afterthought. The Herzy things shows how you reinforce the current culture around the team by having the freshmen room with the team leaders.

The final note from this article mentions two BC targets who UNC will be hosting this weekend. A nice win would certainly send a message. (Thanks to Fran for the link.)

Here is a preview of the game.

This Bobcat blogger really likes Jared Dudley. (Thanks to Matt for the link.)

Remember Kenny Plue? He was the BC commit who headed to prep school after the coaching change. He's now starting at Purdue. Good for him but I don't think BC missed out on anything. Purdue's style of oline is almost the opposite of ours.


BCMike said...

It's nice that Ty got some even nicer if the author realized he played for BC and not Marquette.

I can't believe we still hear "Golden Eagles". Seriously.

Unknown said...

does anyone know where the "golden eagle" thing came from? i read it even in ESPN articles from time to time

BCDoubleEagle said...

Sometimes when I notice the "golden eagles" gaffe, I'll email the author and/or editor of the article about it, and most often they'll correct it. You usually see this mistake in small town papers far from BC (such as articles about incoming recruits in their local papers) or other second tier media outlets.

Just to give some indication of how much thought some writers put into their stories, I once had an email exchange with a sports writer in Connecticut who referred to BC as the "golden eagles." I told him we were actually the Eagles. He simply wrote back, "You're wrong." Nothing else. When I replied and politely pointed him toward the official BC website,,, and every other major media outlet that correctly refers to BC as the Eagles, he wrote back: "Sorry, a guy in our office thought BC was called the golden eagles and I just figured he was right."

Talk about mailing it in.

Eagle1 said...


The Golden Eagle is an actual bird:

It also is the mascot of several universities, including Kent State, Marquette, and Southern Miss.

BCNorCal07 said...

The golden eagle is a swell bird to be sure. I remember reading somewhere that it is the largest eagle. But what gets me is how, about the half the time, ESPN refers to us as the Golden Eagles. We're on the worldwide leader a lot and we're in their neck of the woods. Plus, they have a big research staff. I mean, I know we wear gold, but that doesn't mean we're golden.

Erik said...

We should have been the Boston College Bald Eagles when Matt Hasselbeck was our QB.

Jameson Fleming said...

Hey guys I'm the author of the Guards article where I called BC the Golden Eagles. That's my bad, I think the misconception is the gold in the BC's colors just gives the general impression that it's the Golden Eagles since other schools have that same moniker.

I apologize for screwing it up. Thanks for linking to the article and commenting. I now understand why Rice was running away with the vote for awhile haha.