Friday, October 24, 2008

Rooting guide

It doesn't get much simpler than this week's rooting guide. We need division rivals to lose!

Wake Forest at Miami. Miami. Wake's loss to Maryland gave us a little breathing room. If the 'Canes pile on Wake might not even be in the division race by the time we play them.

Duke at Vanderbilt. Duke. Part of me wants to see Duke lose. It makes BC's life easier if they are permanent doormat, but a ACC win over an SEC team helps.

NC State at Maryland. NC State. No one likes to root for TOB, but a win here would help us out big time. Maryland tends to play down to their competition so this game could be a close one.

Virginia at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech. I want GT to do well since it makes our one loss look better.

Virginia Tech at Florida State. Virginia Tech. This is obvious. A VT win makes our win over them look better and it knocks Florida State down in the division race.

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