Monday, October 27, 2008

Talking turnovers and other links

The Globe and Herald both filed "turnover" centered stories today (Globe, Herald). The damage of turnovers is situational, but it doesn't take genius to figure out that the ones the other teams runs back for a score are the worst kind. That said, turnovers were only part of the reason we lost.

The ACC basketball writers predicted an 11th place finish for BC. I am not expecting an ACC title but I think this team will be competitive.

HD bumped BC down a bit in her power rankings. Can't say I blame her.

Peter King recognized Kiwi's contribution to the Giants D. Glad to see Kiwi fully recovered.

The end of this story talks about the Ryan family's lowkey approach to a game in Philly. One note: Ryan's cousin and second generation BC Guy John Loughery is a 10th grade QB. (Please make him a good QB who wants to play for BC.)

BC has interest in Delaware running back Brian Fields. BC has already offered 2010 recruit Aramide Olaniyan.


max said...

At least they unanimously chose Tyrese as 1st team All-ACC. 11th does seem a little low though.

Joe Grav said...

They need to show they are viable on the court before they deserve to be picked anywhere higher than 10th. I like the potential in some members of the team, but don't forget how often BC was completely run off the court last year.