Sunday, November 23, 2008

Basketball duds and other links

Lost in the euphoria of the Wake win was the basketball team's loss in St. Louis. Rice had a lousy night, Southern got in foul trouble and we were poor from the line. Yet we almost won. We will learn a lot about this team by how they bounce back against Purdue.

Notre Dame killed the BC women's basketball team.

The women's soccer team had an early exit from the tournament.

Hockey followed a win over UMass on Friday with an OT loss on Saturday night.

HD gave a shoutout to Herzy.

Some of pundits are now predicting BC will end in the Orange Bowl.

This guy probably enjoyed Davis' comeback more than any of us combined. (Thanks to Matt F. for the link.)

Men's soccer advanced by beating Colgate.(Pics below courtesy of John Quackenbos.)


LAEagle said...

we're sending you to link school buddy. Bowl predictions and HD's blog are mistyped.

Don't make me grade your post now.

ATL_eagle said...

It's been a long day. thanks

johnoatesforthree said...
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johnoatesforthree said...

pathetic basketball performance. reminds me a lot of last year's team in the way they underachieved against a terrible opponent (Robert Morris). This SLU team only scored 39 points against us last year. i thought they looked good coming out of the gate, now i'm not so sure they won't get run out of the gym by purdue.

Darius said...

Well, I wouldn't say *early* exit. They WERE in the 3rd round, the round of 16, as the #10 team.

Best of luck to the men's team.