Thursday, November 27, 2008

BC-Maryland preview

I’ve already rehashed the Syracuse game. Not much needs to be said: it is a different time, different place, different stakes, different team and a different coach. What happens this Saturday will not be because of any jinx or curse. We don’t have Chris Crane, but I think we are all forgetting how much this team accomplished when Crane was giving games away. If Davis can be a “game manager” BC can win.

Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game.
"Maryland is playing spoiler to BC. They can keep the Eagles from heading to Tampa." I think Maryland is past the point of being spoiler. Spoiler means something when you are a losing team or are facing a No.1 type program. While we’ve accomplished more of late, we are still Maryland’s peer. They want to win so they can get to a better bowl and end the season on a high note. I don’t think they are trying to “ruin” our season or help out the Florida State team that crushed them last week.

Three Simple Keys
1. Get to Turner. Florida State had Turner on his back the whole night and the Terps sputtered. Last year as Maryland gashed us, Turner had all the time in the world. We need pressure him early and often.
2. Establish the run. The whole stadium is going to expect us to run. Maryland might as well put 11 in the box. Regardless, we need to move the ball on the ground and take the pressure off of Davis.
3. No special teams’ breakdowns. The blocked punt almost cost us the Wake game. This will probably be a low scoring contest. Any points we hand them could be the difference.

Gambling notes
-- BC hasn’t lost three home games in one season since 2003.
-- Since the ACC expanded Maryland is 7-12 in ACC road games.
-- Maryland has never beaten six ranked teams in one season.
The current line is BC-6.5

429 miles separates Chestnut Hill and College Park, Maryland. It is 488 miles from Coral Gables to Tallahassee. Yet no one ever says Miami is out of place in their new conference. Why do we still have to listen to the BC travel costs argument from outsiders?

Scoreboard Watching
We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but pay attention to the Virginia-Virginia Tech game. If the Hokies win, they advance to Tampa. If Virginia wins, Georgia Tech wins the Coastal division.

I hope to see…
Davis succeed. Given how this team has held together all year, I would hate to see the kid meltdown and cost the guys the shot at the conference game.

BC is in trouble if…
Maryland runs the ball well. If the Terps can run, that will eat clock, limit possessions, and keep the score low. It will also reduce the chance for turnovers. Whoever controls the ball and tempo Saturday wins.

Bottom Line
I should be fretting about this game. Worried that we might blow it. Worried that Davis will be terrible. Yet I am optimistic. I think Davis will be okay and the defense will carry the day again.
Final Score: BC 24, Maryland 13


Joe Bags said...

We're gonna win and we're gonna look good doing it.

BeantownBC85 said...


BeantownBC85 said...

OUCH rough night for BC in Dallas, Hasselbeck transformed into a rag doll against that D.

campy said...

A nice article about Dominique Davis I found through Yahoo sports.

eagleboston said...


It was a rough night for Hasselback, but keep in mind, BC also has Marc Colombo playing for the Cowboys.

I share everyone's enthusiasm for Saturday. We're like Cubs fans. Gotta have hope. I think it will be a low scoring affair, something like 17-10, but I would be tickled pink if Davis and the offense could score over 20.

mmason said...

Great preview, ATL--as for the "spoiler" role, I know one of the Terps players, a great kid who sees the BC/Maryland game as their big game for this reason: if they win they get the bowl game we would have been given, and if they lose close, they still get our bowl game. We joke about it,but it always come down to ACC bowl officials seeing BC fans as poor travelers.
We'll win this Maryland game, as you predict, if we eliminate our give-aways. The Kid will keep his cool this time--it's the special teams I worry about. I hope our local Eagles go to this ballgame,too. Stuck in L.A., I envy my Eagle fans in Mass. who can make a big victory like this one. Go Eagles! (and go to the game, Eagles!)

Greg said...

Question, does any other school have 2 quarterbacks starting in the NFL?