Friday, November 21, 2008

Get on the BC Soccer bandwagon

Lost in all the success of our major sports is the budding soccer power growing at the Heights.

The BC women won their first two NCAA tournament games. They play Florida State in the third round this Saturday.

The men's team host Colgate in the first round of their tournament Friday afternoon.


Joe Grav said...

GO EAGLES! on to round 2.

Eagle1 said...

A funny thing happens when I read about soccer: I get an overwhelming desire to drop to the ground, grab my ankle, and fake-scream for no reason.

chicagofire1871 said...

Here's hoping the Eagles do a bit better than last season as far as the tournament is concerned. I keep hoping that they will move the home games from Newton to a new field in Brighton. Getting on the bus to go down there for the rare game was no fun and will keep us from being a perennial power like UVA or Duke.

Joe Grav said...

With their win over Colgate they already have done better than last season :D

Dartmouth is a good team but BC should theoretically be able to handle them on Tuesday night.

BCNorCal07 said...

Chicago: After all the money they put into the soccer field a few years ago (as well as the fight with Newton over the lights), I doubt they're moving the soccer field anytime soon. It is a shame, though.

I'm in grad school at Creighton right now and the contrast is ridiculous. The Jays have a gorgeous, European-style soccer stadium which is a big part of why they have better attendance for soccer games (regularly around 5,000) than any other school in the country. Of course, Creighton football is also undefeated - hasn't played - since 1942, so that helps soccer attendance, too.