Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guest Blogger:

BC is now in playoff mode. Win and move on. Run the table and we win the division. It all starts this Saturday against Florida State. To get a better feel for this year's 'Noles, I asked Bill from a few questions. His answers are below.

1. Everyone is talking about the improvement of your offensive line. How have they dealt with big defensive tackles (like BC has)? Also, which teams have given them the most trouble? Here's the story on the offensive line, they're young, improving, but they are not good pass blockers yet. Basically, big, slower, run-stoppers shouldn't give them a problem, but a speedy pass rusher has a good shot to get to the FSU QBs. Wake Forest did it all night against the Noles early in the season. They were quick to the QB, harassed the backfield and generally disrupted anything the offense tried to do. The key for the Noles is to make sure they can run the ball, even on BC's big tackles. If Jermaine Thomas and Antone Smith establish themselves early, it takes away from what BC can do with the blitz, which gives Christian Ponder some time, and the receivers a chance to be a big part of the game.

2. Your defensive stats don't seem to tell the whole story. For example FSU's yards per game is not in line with your points per game stats. What caused the disparity? Two high school teams (FCS) count in those stats. The defense isn't quite as good as a lot of opponents think, but they probably aren't as bad as I think either. Part of the PPG issue is the Miami game, where the defense didn't give up a bunch of those points, the offense and special teams did. Either way you slice it, FSU isn't shutting out the ACC competition, but the offense has improved enough from the previous 5-6 years that it's not as important to hold teams to 10 points or under this season. The defensive line is very good, the linebackers are good as unit, but there are no superstars this season, and the secondary leaves a lot to be desired at times.

3. How do you think the coach in waiting thing is working? If Florida State doesn't win the division will the pressure be on Bowden or Fisher? I don't think there's much pressure on either one of them this season. To be honest, I think the realistic FSU fans thought that 8 wins was doable at the beginning of the season. Then the ACC decided to turn into a free for all. Fisher is slowly taking over the program. He's intense in the press conferences, and Bobby Bowden basically defers to him on any QB / Offensive game plan questions. Either way Fisher has it good right now, if he doesn't get the head coaching job by the January 2010, FSU owes him a cool $1.5 million dollars. As for the division title, if FSU doesn't win it next year, with a much improved offensive line, two QBs that have only played under Fisher and emerging star Jermaine Thomas at RB, then there will be a lot of questions posed to Jimbo. Bobby will never feel any heat from anyone important, he saved FSU football, the field is named after him and there's a statue of him out front. He gets to make the call on when to quit.

4. What is your prediction for the game? FSU hasn't had a ton of luck in the blackout games, but I think they'll get it done on Saturday night. The Seminoles improve bit by bit each week, so Saturday night shouldn't be any different. Look for Jermaine Thomas to have another big game with his limited touches and be sure to watch Graham Gano, the best kicker in the nation (17/17, 5 FGs over 50 yards this season). Defensively, see if Budd Thacker can get some pressure on the BC backfield and QB. However, I think this one is closer than a lot of Noles fans think... Noles 31 Eagles 28.



Unknown said...

that guy's crazy.

no way BC scores 28 on the FSU defense unless their QB pulls a crane-esque pick-6 or four.

if FSU puts up 31 we're done for.

America said...

Hey you guys hear about the rumors that many players on the FSU team were involved in an on campus brawl?

Big Jack Krack said...

atleagle - I think a low scoring game will be good for us. I think we must play error free, for sure - and I don't know if we can force any turnovers. As usual, the D will have to keep us in the game - so I hope we can go on sustained possessions and drives. They have a terrific FG kicker - Oh Boy! and yet, I have a weird feeling that Quigley or even Apon will come through for us when called upon Saturaday night.

I'm hoping that FSU is maybe just a little over-confident and looking ahead to Maryland and Florida. Even though we won in 06, FSU does not see us as much of a threat this year.

Let's go BC - shock 'em and we'll stay in the hunt. We don't want to be spoilers at Wake and against Maryland. THIS IS OUR BOWL GAME RIGHT NOW.

P.S. I posted this below:

Status update on Clarence Megwa:

I heard from Chris Cameron, Associate Athletic Director - Media Relations who informed me that "Clarence is doing well. He actually had his surgery and is on the road to recovery. The other players (Albright, Toal and McCluskey) are recovering as well.

America said...

LAEagle said...


Where'd you hear this?

LAEagle said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Vincent.

Regardless of any issues FSU may or may not have - let's win this game for Brian, Alex, Clarence and James - that's what I meant to say earlier. Let's do it for these guys - Go BC, beat FSU in their black out night stadium on their HC Weekend, in primetime.

We can do it.

America said...

This is all over the internet right now. I think it may be true. I hope so. What a classless program they are running down there.

LAEagle said...

we need to hope espn picks this story up...put pressure on bowden to suspend some of these guys

Ryan said...
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About Five said...

Miami Herald reported the fight yesterday in the student union involving football players. It reports that Bobby is unaware of any involvement of football players. Sounds like about a one to six month investigation would do the trick.

Willis said...

It sounds like the FSU fight got pretty ugly. An altercation that was the result of a previous encounter between FSU Football players and an FSU fraternity. Things got heated (and it sounds like the FSU football players planned the attack) at an event at the student union during "market day" where local merchants set up booths to sell their goods. Some details I've read about: *No arrests have been made *An FSU player named Easterling punched a fraternity member, and a fraternity member proceeded to be "stomped" by the football team *2 girls were injured in the altercation, one went to the hospital with a broken nose *At least 4 FSU players were involved.

I know BC has its occasional problems, but I'm proud of how our players handle themselves on and off the field, especially when you see things like this happening at other schools. Go Eagles!

Here's something I found in a Tallahassee newspaper:

SM said...

nice prediction bill (bc 24-17).