Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guest Blogger: Turtle Waxing

Esquire from Turtle Waxing is back to explain what's going on with his Terps. They've been wildly inconsistent and you never know what sort of effort they will put out week to week. To get a better idea of what to expect this Saturday, I asked him a few questions. His answers below.

1. The offensive line had major issues against Florida State. What happened? How do you think they will adjust against BC?

Turtle Waxing: The O-line has struggled all season. They are probably a better run blocking group than pass blocking group but they have had some terrible struggles running the ball as well. It is a mediocre bunch that is pretty short on athleticism and FSU's pass rushers just abused them. The play calling certainly didn't help them as there was little done to change the protection scheme that had clearly failed. The coaches even tried to shuffle the lineup in mid-game but that had little effect. I'm guessing (hoping) that the staff adds more protection schemes to keep QB Chris Turner on his feet. The backs are not great at pass blocking but they do have two tight ends that could be on the field together.

2. The Maryland defense has been inconsistent. How have teams that beat you attacked your D?

TW: Teams have beat this defense both passing and running the ball. The line is undersized and a collection of "effort" instead of talent guys. The scheme is along the lines of a bend but don't break style so they will try to limit big plays but the 8-10 yard gains are mostly there for the taking. If an offense is patient they can march down the field, it is only when you get greedy that this group can force you into mistakes. The linebackers are vulnerable in pass coverage and there are gaps between the LB and safeties when they go zone. The corners often play seven or eight yards off the line so quick hitters can get you yardage.

3. How much do you buy into the "Maryland plays better against ranked teams" theme the media falls back on?

TW: I don't put much of any stock in that. Not a single "ranked" team that Maryland defeated (Cal, Wake Forest, Clemson, North Carolina) is currently in the polls so what does that little factoid really mean? There may be something to the psychology of this group getting up for ranked opponents but I don't think that will make a significant difference against Boston College. Their road record this year is pretty abysmal as they have lost their last two road games by a combined 54-13.

4. What is your prediction for Saturday?

TW: Given the poor road performance of this Maryland squad I give them very little chance for an upset. There is little comparison between the Eagles defense and Maryland's. Boston College causes turnovers and the way they dominated the Seminoles on the road was very impressive to me. The staff has probably been harping on the turnovers in the FSU game all week and I think that while the Terps might not turn the ball over four times the offense will likely continue to sputter. I think BC wins with 24-13 score that isn't as close as that score would seem. Maybe a late garbage time touchdown by the offense. Another thing to keep in mind if the game is tight is that Maryland's kicker Obi Egekeze has been very unreliable.



Big Jack Krack said...

Well, first of all, we owe the Terps pay back for last year - no question about it. I certainly didn't think we'd go undefeated, so the FSU game was irritating, but not a total shock. The Maryland game, however, was a big source of frustration and we have not forgotten.

For whatever reason, our defense was pretty bad last year. I believe that the defense will have a very different effect on this game Saturday, and I also believe they will come out prepared.

Secondly, this is another huge game for BC and I think we're up to the task. Let's remember that we have an all freshman backfield, so we have to manage a fairly conservative game. But these young guys are capable and we are proud of them. Let's hope that the O-line has a monster game and we can get some momentum going early.

I fear that the crowd will be sparse, but hopefully nowhere near as pathetic as the attendance at Wake Forest last week.

Go BC - come out smokin' and beat Maryland. I want to see you in Tampa. Let's go freshmen - you can do it, because you are surrounded by players who have been there.

This game is dedicated to Chris Crane, Brian Toal, Alex Albright, Clarence Megwa and James McCluskey - 5 starters - wow.

hsk said...

Don't worry Big Jack, we are dragging our kids, wives, mothers, uncles, cousins, neighbors etc. to this game. I have rounded up my New Jersey alums and we will be there.

And you are very correct, the five injured starters need to be given great respect.

BeantownBC85 said...

I want turtle soup.

But more then that, I want there to be butts in the seats. This had better be an energetic crowd, look at what we have on the line. We shouldn't have to "pump in" crowd noise over the loudspeakers.