Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jags and Rolle and other links

The media picked up on Jags' words of encouragement to Myron Rolle (here and here). While it is a little out of place during the game, it is still a nice gesture...and because he just randomly said it during live action, you know the sentiment is genuine.

Uh oh, HD picked BC this week. She been on the wrong side of most of her BC predictions.

Mike Vega makes a cameo appearance on the BC beat with this article on Montel Harris.

This article explains how turnovers are not the end all be all. It's all situational.

Did anyone see this the other night at Conte? It seems Loyola coach Jimmy Pastos took a seat in the stands during the consolation game. Weird.


Eagle1 said...

HD just cost us the game. I'm all rainy-faced now.

campy said...

Hey, maybe HD is due to win one.

Vincent said...

Jags doesn't care about HD and I don't care either.

She sucks! But her pick is not going to influence the game. We still will win.

Matthew said...

That Patsos guy is NUTS. During the BC game he was nowhere near the coaching box. He even physically pushed one of his players from the baseline up to the wing when his team had the ball. He was like a cartoon character out there. You could see the guys on the end of the bench and the managers trying not to roll on the floor with laughter.