Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tampa here we come!

Wow. Great team effort. Davis and the offense stepped up. The special teams converted a fake FG and the D made another huge, huge play. Hats off to Jags and the staff for pulling off the most unlikely back-to-back division titles in the division play era.

Now it's Hokie time. I'll be harping on this all week, but please BC fans, show up in force next week. You won't regret it.

Second viewing thoughts and grades will be up late Sunday.


J Mac said...

Can't wait to go to the Orange Bowl!

BlockParty said...

lets win the acccg first.

eagleboston said...

J Mac, how long if you been a BC fan? Never, never look beyond one game, especially with BC. Going back to the Coughlin days, they have been one game away from the BCS at least 5 times and failed. All focus should be on Va Tech, a game that will have to be played perfectly for BC to win.

Christopher said...

I just cannot say enough about our team and coaching staff. I love our players, but these coaches have turned what seemed like a questionable o-line last offseason to a beast, two stud frosh running backs, and a D which is as stout as any I have seen at BC. I am quite glad we got Va Tech instead of Ga Tech, although I do think we match up better with G Tech's offense better than most other teams with our run D.

As for Herzlich, the guy is a beast! what does everyone think about him going pro? I really think he loves college and BC especially and I get the feeling he will want to come back. However, seeing Toal get hurt so much may make him consider cashing in now. Also, I have to give McLaughlin mad props - i think he used to be a serviceable or good middle linebacker, but over the course of this season he has developed into an outstanding LB

Big Jack Krack said...

I have consistently said that our best bowl game at this point is the ACC Championship Game.

If we can beat Virginia Tech, we will be the champions with a 10 and 3 record - with a 4 game winning streak in the "must win" category. We are BC - we know who we are and these silly bowl committees can go take a long walk off a short pier.

I'm happy for Cincinnati and congratulations to them. The Orange Bowl is great because it's in the Miami area and it would be a good matchup of teams not expected to be there.

But right now - our Bowl Game is in Tampa - not Jacksonville thank goodness. If we could get 7500 - 10,000 fans to Tampa, we'd shut everyone up.

Let's figure this out BC - especially non-student fans. As the coach used to say in the ad - it's your (fan) life - be there.

eagle1331 said...

Definitely taking the road trip to Tampa... does anyone know CHEAP hotels there?

Big Jack Krack said...

Days Inn Airport $53.00; Comfort Inn Airport $81.00; Extended Stay America Tampa Airport $75.00; LaQuinta Tampa Airport $75.00, etc.

Check out hotels near Raymond James Stadium, eagle1331.

Ed said...

Cheap is relative, of course, but there are plenty of cheap hotels in Tampa.

For example, not far from the stadium there is a HoJo for $42/night, Days for $60, another HoJo for $50, Econo Lodge for $40 . . .

Ed said...

And for those with a slightly higher budget, BC is offering $169/night at the team hotel, the Renaissance at International Plaza.

Winfield Featherston said...

Good game tonight guys. Good Luck in Tampa! Too bad it won't be a rematch with us ;-)

tow2nd2none said...

If Wake beats Vandy, the ACC will be 3-1 vs. SEC today.

Big Jack Krack said...

Winfield - I was pulling for Virginia. Georgia Tech had a monster season, especially with the big win in Athens today. I am Maroon and Gold through and through - and my wife is Georgia Tech (and BC of course). Her son was Buzz for two years in the mid 90's. It would have been great.

Congratulations all the way.

BlockParty said...

i am extremely pleased we were able to pull out the previous four victories over nd, fsu, wf, and now maryland. coming off of the clemson game, i thought we were headed for a bottom-of-the-pack bowl game if any. that is a testament to jags, logan, and spaz. to watch the progression of this team over the last month has been outstanding. we are playing to our strengths. we know what kind of team we are. we don't try to do something different.

you have got to give it up to davis, haden, harris, our o-line. each stepped up and has been very good as we make our way to the acc championship game. same goes to the defense. holding marylands running game to negative yardage?! thats insanity.

it seemed like a matter of time before we picked off turner in the second half. i cant tell you how relieved i was to see the pick-6 to end the game.

one focus for improvement next week: our secondary. i know its the system that spaz likes to play, but it was getting a little tight towards the end of the game.

lets hope that brace (ankle?) and haden (shoulder?) can get some extra treatment and come back 100% for next week. we will need both to take down vt.

mmason, keep those margaritas coming. im vibing off your posts. all i need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz, and im allllllllright.

campy said...

Wake is handling Vandy. Go Deacs! Make DD's big bro Desmond Clark happy.

Eagle1 said...

Way to go, Eagles!!! By picking us, HD almost cost us the game again. That said, I'd still love to have a naked chowder bath with her.

Because one must address the negatives to progress, I note the following issues:

1. 2ndary + No Pass Rush

- Awful. The Terps seemed to be able to throw at will. Thankfully, VTech cannot throw like that.

2. Kickoffs

- We're still giving our opponents the ball at their 35-yard line. Not good.

3. Tackling / Overpursuit

- Do these guys not know how to break down before tackling someone? ATL - On the second viewing, count how many missed tackles we had, especially in the first half. We probably gave away a half-dozen first downs because we couldn't tackle properly.

4. Gunnell

- A senior receiver cannot drop two easy passes in a game like that. What is his deal?

Eagle1 said...

Reece Davis was just goofing on Jags leather jacket. Love it.

campy said...

Hope the Gatorade didn't hurt the leather!

BeantownBC85 said...

Everyone here needs to buy a ton of oranges and bring them with you everywhere you go.

School spirit needs to be at a new level this week.

I can't wait for Miami!

Matt said...

Is Ybor City the place to be in Tampa?

Check out this site for discounted hotels:

Joe Bags said...

Everyone talking about Miami... STOP.

I can't believe people are doing this again after what happened last year. Have you learned anything?

The ACC Championship Game actually counts for something. The Orange Bowl, for all its history, is an exhibition. Get yourself to Tampa. Orange Bowl trips sell themselves, BC needs fans in Raymond James Stadium on Saturday.

Big Jack Krack said...

ACC 3 - SEC 1

We are the stronger conference top to bottom (Sagarin).

Big Jack Krack said...

JB - you are 100% correct of course.



Ed said...

Ybor City? Not really. Well, I suppose it depends what you're looking for. Channelside is passing Ybor, and of course there are a few establishments on and near Dale Mabry that continue to be popular destinations.

And you definitely do NOT want a hotel in/near Ybor City.

Choose a hotel near the airport. Everything you need will be nearby, you can find good rates, and it's a better part of town.

01_Eagle said...

What is up with the $15 service charge from the BC ticket office? Come on BC, stop nickel and diming fans that actually want to go to the game! That is absurd and people should buy the tickets there, it isn't like this will be a sell out.

Groundhog said...

i've always wanted to travel to see BC play in the post-season, but I cannot bring myself to fly down to Tampa for the ACCCG. As an optimist, i hope and expect the eagles to win. And im holding out for the orange bowl (two trips to florida in one month? im not made of money) i think a lot of people are in my position. local alumni have to step up in a big way.