Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Attention Atlanta area BC fans!

There are still some ridiculously low fares on Airtran to Tampa. You can fly Saturday morning and return Saturday night for less than $150 round trip. Mrs. ATL and I are doing that, so is Senor Atlanta and BC Atlanta Guy Mod6A.


BCDoubleEagle said...

This morning Delta announced weekend specials from Atlanta and New York to Tampa. $69 each way.


Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks for the travel tip.

eagle1331 said...

It looks like the HoJo and Days Inn are the cheapest places to stay... around $60 a night with taxes... has anybody found anything cheaper?

BFM said...

I have it on good authority that several members of the Atlanta contingent have already booked their flights.

Word on the street is that one of them will be smuggling airplane bottles inside of a large yellow styro-foam cowboy hat.

Looking forward to a great Saturday in Sunny FLA!

DougBushBC said...

To all you BC Eagles, I am a South Florida based alumni and I have 1 (maybe 2) really good lower bowl seats available for $25 below face value. I will be driving across the state the morning of with my BC Contingent, and would love to sell the ticket to a good BC fan. They are section 112, and my email is dougbushbc@gmail.com

Big Jack Krack said...

I've gone to 5 games this year from SC - NC State, UNC, Wake Forest, and in Boston, Clemson and Notre Dame. I have planned to go to this game all along (quietly thinking we had a darn good chance to get there) - but am now slammed on Friday.

But I'm not ruling this out yet for sure. I cannot leave early to drive from Columbia to Tampa and the flights from there are ridiculous - but what I can do is catch an early flight from ATL on Saturday in time for the game (3 1/2 hours from my house to the airport).

I hope to see "y'all" there.

What's the point? Well maybe you students can hop a flight from NY to Tampa since the flights from Boston are pretty expensive - it's 4 hours to LaGuardia. Let's do this thing. Your game tickets are free, I understand.

Go BC - beat Virginia Tech. Let's bring back some hardware, as B.J. says.

Stephen said...

Delta and Airtran are both offering round-trip tickets on Saturday for $160 after taxes. This should be every student's Christmas present from their parents.