Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dominique Davis: Present and Future?

Dominique Davis will enter rare company with the start in the Music City Bowl. He will become the first BC freshmen to start at least three games at QB since Glenn Foley. Think about that. With all the talent that has come through, none either had the maturity or circumstances to get on the field as often as Davis. Think of the multiple rebuilding eras. Since Foley, Coughlin, Henning, TOB and Jags have all come to BC and gone with veteran QBs instead of rolling the dice with their own new guy. Despite the ups and downs, QB has been a relatively deep position for the Eagles.

Yet, even with this sort of on the job training Davis is assured of nothing next year. Close observers and the media expect Justin Tuggle to fight for the job this spring. BC also continues to woo QB prospects with the promise of early playing time.

This bowl game could be the launching point for Dominique Davis or the end of his time at the center of the BC offense. Just remember what Steve Logan said earlier in the season

"...after the third game you are going to get what you get."
If Davis struggles in Nashville there might not be much upside. But if he looks good, it could also mean that he has a nice long BC career ahead of him.


Big Jack Krack said...

I'm rooting for Dominique, of course. I feel if he doesn't fumble, we have a very good chance of winning. I'm hoping we get an early cushion in this one.

If Davis gets hurt, or is completely ineffective and Jags has to pull the trigger - who is the backup QB for this game? Seems like the extra practice should give the coaching staff some options if need be.

Go BC - beat Vanderbilt. We need it and the ACC definitely needs it. Both UNC and Miami gave their games away yesterday, and many more ACC teams are shaky at best in their respective games.

Gingerbread Mann said...

I must say I was impressed with the stuff he said in Blaudschun's article today.

Erik said...

Billy Flutie is 32 on the Depth Chart. So, we're going with Davis hell or highwater

ninja said...