Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Herzy and Raji honored and other links

BJ Raji and Mark Herzlich were named third-team selections to the Associated Press's All-America Team. I think both deserve higher billing but the national team becomes very political. This year it is filled with SEC and Big XII guys. One interesting note from the Globe article: speculation is that Herzy will return for his senior season.

Rice talks about his start and the season ahead in this Q&A.

HD takes time to praise BC's graduation success.

As expected, BC target Kevin Newsome is headed to Penn State.


Southern_EAGLE said...

As someone who lives in the heart of SEC country (Atlanta), I concur with the your comments on the political nature of this selection process. If Raji or Mark played at Georgia or Alabama, they would be on the first team. Quick question, was Matt Ryan first team last year?

LAEagle said...

What is with the Aaron Curry lovefest?????? He had ONE interception and ONE fumble recovery!!!! Am I the only one dumbfounded by this?