Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ryan award, basketball stuff, bowl news and other links

Matt Ryan won the rookie of the year award. Well deserved. Now let's hope he makes a run in the playoffs.

Basketball kept focused and handled San Francisco Monday. One more tune up before UNC on Sunday.

Former Eagle Sean Williams is now a D-Leaguer. Some blogger said this about Williams prior to the NBA Draft:

Five years from now: I think Sean will be out of the league. I hope I am wrong, but I just don’t see the drive he’ll need to succeed. Every guy in the NBA is very good. To hang around you need to be either uniquely skilled and/or extremely driven. I just don’t see it in Sean Williams.

This year's edition of the Music City Bowl won't be as lucrative as past years.

Tickets are still available for the game. For those going, here are the traffic updates.

The BC Band also took part in the festivities.

Jags is relaxed about the game.


eagle1331 said...

how much of the band ended up going?

Unknown said...

Nice job, Matty! I got my dad a Matt Ryan autographed BC mini helmet for Christmas. Guess that was a worthwhile purchase!

CTAeagle said...

A few notes on the basketball game/team

I'm an '08 grad still living right next to our beloved BC and I just had a few comments and questions about BC basketball I hope we can kick around.

First, after going to the USF game Monday I'm really excited about this bunch. We do lack some discipline with turnovers and our one on one D looked suspect at times but I get the sense that if we can get up for ACC play and take it to another level we could be very explosive. Rice's shooting seems back on track lately and he was very good from 3 the other day. Trapani looks like he's the kind of guy that could actually take over for stretches of games. Very smooth shooter and he eats up the boards. Sanders and Raji are more than solid options for Tyrese to dish it to as well. And I'm sure anyone else who's seen Reggie Jackson in person by now is excited to watch him develop.

Another thing I liked was the crowd turnout. I told my girlfriend before the game jokingly that we might be the only people there. Not the case. Not too many students as can be expected with break and all but awesome turnout by the locals. Lot of families and kids and I know that's partly because they're on break as well but it was good to see. I think BC's marketing (much-maligned on this blog for good reason) should do more to attract this type of fan more often. Sure they're not that vocal but if BC can use things like giveaways or theme nights and stuff (a little minor league baseball-ish I realize) I think they can keep the stands a little more packed. I hope to see the students do their part when ACC play kicks up.

I also have a few questions I thought maybe some people on here could answer...

Jackson, as I said before, looks great to me. But as I recall he was in some way or another officially like the best player in Colorado. My question is if anyone thinks this is a sign that we're starting to attract more top prospects? I don't know the quality of Colorado basketball and I love all of our "BC guys" and under-recruited guys that end up as stars but it would be nice if we had guys beginning to choose us over other schools rather than us just simply being their best option by far. Just curious what you all think.

Also, what's up with Southern? I thought he came on a little bit at the end of last year but he just looks so timid out there and doesn't assert himself at either end of the floor.

Sorry 'bout the marathon post, lookin' forward to y'alls responses.