Monday, December 08, 2008

Why Music City matters

This game is generating luke warm interest for the unbiased and unaffiliated. I am sure there are some BC fans who are indifferent to what happens in Nashville. The game might not be a sexy destination or against a marquee oponent, but it still matters. BC must win this game. Here's why:

1. A win will elevate BC back into the Top 25 rankings. BC slipped out of the Top 25 after losing the ACC Championship. A win in the bowl game should be enough to get BC into the final Top 25 poll. Rankings are a tangible accomplishment in college football, they provide pride to the program and they legitimize our sales pitch to recruits.

2. A win gets BC to the 10 win mark. This would be the third straight year of 10 wins or more...something our former coach didn't believe was possible at BC.

3. A win extends the bowl win streak. Emphasis on the bowl streak has bothered some BC fans (including this one). But each year as the streak gets longer and as it starts to include more BCS opponents, it becomes a little more legitimate. A win in Nashville extends the streak to 9 wins. Florida State holds the record of 11 straight bowl wins. The record is in reach. But to get there we have to take care of business against Vandy.

I would rather be playing in the Orange Bowl, but we need to make the most of this opportunity. And outside of the historic implications, it is a chance to end the season on a high note and gives the seniors a chance to go out as winners.


downtown_resident said...

Good points about the rankings. I didn't realize that we have finished the season ranked in four straight years and five years this decade (both school records). In some ways this is more of a statement about the quality of the program than the bowl streak. It would be great to end up ranked for a fifth straight year.

jazzeagle05 said...

If athletics is supposed to be taking this seriously, shouldn't they send the band?