Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bicknell candidate for UMass and other links

As hinted, UMass and Jack Bicknell Jr. have mutual interest in their open head coaching position. Despite my admiration for Logan, I think keeping Bicknell is 10 times more important. First he's the most experienced guy on the offensive side of the ball. He would also provide some much needed continuity on the offensive line. We teach a specific style. Unless we get a replacement who is also an Alex Gibbs disciple, we will be teaching a new scheme to our returning players. That could cause problems. I also think Bick could serve as one of those experienced head coaching sounding boards Spaz will need. Finally, Bicknell is liked by everyone. Players, fellow coaches, AD staff, former teammates and alumni all think very highly of him. He was not a Jags crony. He is clearly a guy with his own love and connection to BC. If he stays on it would serve as an unspoken endorsement of Spaz and his ability to win at BC.

UMass Lowell upset the hockey team Friday night.

Saint Louis Athletica of the WPS selected women's soccer player Kara McNeill in the WPS draft.


Unknown said...

I know we just hired a new coach, and is all about upholding the sanctity of contracts. But I think Bicknell is a likely future replacement (Spaz is 62 so one 5 year contract is a reasonable expectation.)

I wonder if BC will pitch that to him to get him to stay. I would not be opposed to that in the least.

BCNorCal07 said...

According to ESPN, the football team got a commit from Luke Kuechly, the linebacker out of Ohio. They also picked up a JUCO end a couple days ago.

Brett said...

Is it correct to assume that Bicknell will at the very least be given the OC position if he stays?

Joe Bags said...

Absolutely brutal losses by the men's winter sports teams... dark days for BC, indeed.

About Five said...

UMASS HC to Maryland as DC. BC Associate Head Coach interviewing at UNASS for HC.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Big Jack Krack said...

I would have preferred that Bick Jr. somehow found a way to stay.

On the other hand, he's not getting any younger (head-coaching wise)and will use this as a stepping stone to a big program. A successful stint at UMass might provide him just that ticket.

We're in an unsettled period right now, and I'll be glad when it's over and we know who we have surrounding Spaz.

(Brutal) losses by the mens winter sports teams = more empty seats at home games if that's possible. I guess Jerry York is due for an off year - what a run we've had with him - to the point where everyone thinks we'll automatically be there in Febuary and March right into the tournaments. Probably not this year.

In basketball, I'm over Al Skinner at this point. Most fans probably still like the guy, but I'm no longer one of them. We need a different offense and an emphasis on defense always.

Rob said...
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johnoatesforthree said...

the hockey team seems to always have a january slump. york finds a way to rally the team to make a run late in the year and i can still see that happening this year.

i still have hope for this year's team. they're a lot better than last year's group i believe.

Lenny Sienko said...

Men's Winter sports teams suffer "Curse of Jags"; i.e., no wins since Jags fired.

Maybe we should start a pool on when next win will come?

Sorry to see Cowboy, Jr. leave. I enjoyed his dad's era at BC. Great days!

BCNorCal07 said...

Maybe I've missed something obvious, but has Bick for sure left? I know the signs are pointing to it, but everyone thought that Urban Meyer was for sure going to Notre Dame and that we were for sure going to hire Whipple. If he has taken the job already, good for him. I hope he's successful there. And if he hasn't, I really hope that he stays. Changing o-line schemes again would really hurt the offense next season. Honestly, Gene - and Spaz - could sit down and tell Bick that if he stays for a couple years, they'll then name him coach-in-waiting. But please, someone tell me if I've missed the train on this one.

Brez said...

UMass not hiring Bicknell:

Obviously I'm reading into this here, but the guy they're hiring has far less experience than Bicknell (D3 head coach, D1-AA Coordinator), so perhaps this means Bick was ultimately not interested? That's my hope, and I hope we'll see him back as OC next year.

Big Jack Krack said...

Brez - I hope you're right - that ultimately Jack did not like what he was hearing from UMass, and withdrew from consideration.

He belongs at BC at this point, and we're fortunate to have him. I don't know what future promises he will get, but hopefully they can sweeten his pay a little bit.