Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Candidates list

The odds say we will promote from within, but here is my first go at a short list from Sunday night.

Revisions that I would make since then:

Additional Internal guys
Ryan Day -- Everyone agrees that Day will be a head coach one day. Now is not the time for him. The new guy is going to face unique conditions. It is probably not best to put that on a very young, first time head coach. But stranger things have happened.
Ben Sirmans -- If BC wants to shift the PR focus, there is no better way to do it than by hiring an African American. Sirmans is a smart, bright, well liked young coach. But like Day, this is not a good fit for a green Head Coach.
Bill McGovern -- Well-liked by everyone. Good teacher. Good recruiter. Does that make him a Head Coach? I don't know.

New external guys
Phil Fulmer -- Gene's old buddy wants to coach again. This would be the ultimate fish out of water. That means huge upside and huge downside. I don't think this will happen and don't know how I'd even feel about it. It would probably take me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Pete Carmichael JR -- Carmichael is a BC grad, son of a former BC staffer and current Saints QB coach. If we are going to hire this type of guy, we might as well go with Bick JR.

New perspecitve on previously mentioned external guys
Charlie Strong -- given the bomb Strong just dropped on the media, he clearly wants his shot now. I have no problem giving it to him.


eagle1331 said...

I agree with the Charlie Strong idea... I think it would be a great move. I think if we give him the opportunity, he may appreciate it enough to become a lifer. I also think it might steal so UF commits our way, help with southern recruiting, and possibly land some guys who didn't otherwise consider our tradition/Irish Catholic institute before. I also doubt Spaz would stay aboard if you bring in a Defensive minded coach. That being said, I think its not going to happen... but here's to hoping!

BP said...

I just hope the search gets opened up. If BC decides to stay in-house with Logan, Bicknell Jr., Spaz, etc., it needs to be after they win the interview process, not by default.

Strong and London would both be strong minority candidates for the job who would make a splash.

And Fullmer would be the ultimate surprise.

Unknown said...

I like the Charlie Strong idea for many reasons. 1) his hiring may restore our image that may be a little damaged and unstable in the media and recruiting worlds right now and 2)our recruiting presence in the south will likely increase.

That being said I don't think it will happen because I haven't heard his name come from anywhere but here, and I think Gene will stay in house because he just wants to end this asap. But I think externally is where we should be looking, and this man would seem to be a good start.

Brablc said...

What about Whipple? Good recruiter. Good offensive mind.

He was my favorite going into the last hiring. I think he would be a really interesting coach. My only concern would be that we might lose Steve Logan if we hired an offensive minded coach.

@timstwrt said...

I think we're losing Logan anyway, because he's a Jags loyalist. This isn't exactly the most amicable parting.

downtown_resident said...

Whoever we hire, the search must be a true, national search for a candidate. The last time BC abruptly hired a coach in order to "save" recruiting, we ended up with H*nning, who sent the program into a tailspin that lasted at least half a decade.

Naming someone quickly without conducting a full search sacrifices the future in favor of a short-term fix. The repercussions of hiring a coach extend well beyond momentary concerns such as whether Dillon Quinn goes elsewhere.

eagle1331 said...

technically, don't we have to interview a minority coach?

Seamus Folan said...

I think Charlie Strong would be the best fit right now - good PR move, very ambitious guy, National Title credentials, good connections in the Southeast, as an African-American he would "break the mold" a little and help our branding-we want to be seen as national Catholic university not an predominately Boston/Irish-Catholic Northeastern University.

I don't think he would stay forever, but I don't mind. The Coughlin model is the right one - produce winning teams, improve the program and leave when the time is right. Jagz was on that course but bailed out at least 1-2 years too early.

@timstwrt said...

That's only in the NFL, doesn't have a "Rooney Rule." But, in this climate, I think it would be in the school's best interests to seriously explore a minority candidate.

Ry said...

Foley...I don't think Jags was on that course...and I don't think I am the only one.

Brett said...

Strong might be a great coach and a good hire, but doesn't hiring him based on a media blip in large part to cover what is already a PR disaster seem like a bad decision?