Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everybody Loves BJ

BJ Raji has made himself a lot of money this week. I cannot think of any BC player who has come out of the Senior Bowl receiving more accolades. The hype building around this performance is Mamula-esque. Here is the latest round of news bits out of Mobile:

-- Bruce Feldman talked to the guys who recruited Raji out of high school and remind us that the recruiting services don't always ID the best players coming out of high school. Raji was only a 2 star by the major services.
-- BJ might be Hovan's replacement in Tampa.
-- Raji continued his dominance in the last day in full pads.
-- BJ drawing oohs and aahs from harden professionals.
-- Raji and Brace got attention from Todd McShay.
-- This writer noted that he dominated everyone he faced.

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Ryan said...

My first reaction after reading a bunch of those links: those guys have no clue what they're talking about.

I saw numerous players who were considered terrible by one writer to have their "stock up" by another. For example, one guy said that the WR from Arizona didn't have the tools needed for the NFL, while another said that his stock was up based on his great performance. One said that Harrell fumbled too many snaps and didn't look up at the D, and another said that he had a smooth release from the center.

Basically, I don't put much stock into anything they're saying about Brace, although Raji was the one guy who everyone raved about.