Friday, January 23, 2009

Finch headed to BC and other links

Kentucky's Mr. Football Deuce Finch committed to BC. This is a nice pick up for the transition staff and still shows that BC can sell itself, regardless of who is coaching.

In his mock draft, Mel Kiper has Raji going to the Broncos at 12. Don Banks thinks the Redskins will take BJ with the 13th selection. Raji continues to be the center of attention with the media.

Former BC assistant Bill Coen is building a nice program at Northeastern.

More on Stephen Boyd's promotion at Chaminade.


dixieagle said...

Yup, they are loving Raji down here. His photo is on the front on the special Senior Bowl section in today's paper. He's gotten good play from the local TV guys, too, who usually just fixate on players, no matter how mediocre, from Alabama and Auburn.

eagle1331 said...

Unrelated: I already asked Bill, but if anyone else has good bachelor party places to go in the ATL area... help me out!

Patrick said...

Eagle, it depends on what you're looking for. If you want to just drink and check out hot ladies that are clothed then i would recommend the Crecent St area of midtown. If you want to check out hot ladies that are unclothed i would recommend The Cheetah or The Pink Pony. If you just want to drink and you don't care who's around then there are good bars all over the city.

BCMike said...

Pink Pony = more bang for your buck
Cheetah = higher quality ladies, but be ready to pay for 'em.

If you want to do a bar-crawl sort of bachelor party, Virginia Highlands is tough to beat.

bceagles137 said...

ATL love your blog bro, but can't take the Spaz hate you spread around town. Give the guy a shot...he's been a solid cooridnator in the past, he's loyal, and he has his dream job.

Like it or not, you are negative on Spaz...seriously you need to clean it up.

Spaz hits the road and gets Kentucky's Mr. Football to commit and what do you say..."This is a nice pick up...and still shows that BC can sell itself, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS COACHING."

Did it ever dawn on you that Mr. Kentucky might have committed because the coach visited him and sold him on BC?