Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gut reaction

There is a reason I don’t blog during games. I don’t want to post overreactions. There will be plenty of blogging ahead and plenty of things to say and analyze on this process. As always I will try to focus on the positive, the relative information, and the objective.

I think it is pretty clear that I liked Jags. My attachment to his persona and the fun I’ve had the past two years is certainly clouding my judgment, but I had a long track record that preceded him and will continue on regardless of who the coach is. As I said in the Dirty Laundry post, long after Gene, Jags and now Spaz are gone, I will still be a proud Boston College Alumnus and BC sports fan.

I think this entire situation was mismanaged. I think BC made the wrong hire and wasted this opportunity. Those opinions will not stop me from giving to the school, cheering for BC or attending games. I will root like hell for Frank Spaziani to succeed.

Ever to excel.

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kp said...

While I'm glad Spaz and gene still have your support, I think it's completely rediculous that you are so passionately against this hire. Why don't you wait and see what Spaz can do on the field and on the recruiting trail before you take such a strong stance.