Saturday, January 03, 2009

My take on Jags to the Jets rumors

The talk of the day is the Jets alleged interest in Jags for their head coach vacancy. Here is a news rundown:
-- Jags himself denied it directly to the Globe.
-- Gene and Jags echoed that sentiment to NECN.
-- The Jets are also denying that Jags is candidate.
-- The Daily News captures the challenge of this whole situation:
The Jets wouldn't confirm or deny the interview. Know this: During recruiting season, college coaches will lie to their mother about prospective jobs. Could you imagine the fallout if the Jets hired Jagodzinski? Everybody would be saying Favre hired the coach.

My take: I don't think Jags will be the Jets coach. I think the timing is wrong, the situation in New York is too unsettled, and if he plays his cards right better opportunities will be waiting for him. But all that said, I don't think Jags is going to be a BC lifer. I see him in the Coughlin mode of using this as a stepping stone. But like Coughlin, I think he has a true appreciation for BC and will always be a friend of the program (unlike his predecessor). You can't begrudge him for listening to other offers. He's got to think about what is best for his family and his career. Let's just hope that as long as he's at BC we keep winning. If things do progress with this or other NFL openings, I'll dive deep into it like I did during the last coaching change.


bparkssports said...

I'm a BC fan too! Coach Jags better not leave us for the damn Jets. How good do u think BJ Raji can be in the NFL?

AlbanyEagle said...

I think this is concerning. Recruits (for the most part) aren't stupid. Jags is not saying "I am not leaving BC."
He is only claiming that he hasn't been contacted.
Given the double talk that has become routine for the coaching carousel, it's safe to assume he will be sitting down with the Jets, and, by doing so, displaying a willingness to consider leaving after only 2 years. Even if he doesn't get or take the job, ATL, you are correct he will be gone sooner or later. Certainly sooner than I would have expected.
Recruits see this. As it stands already our recruiting doesn't seem all that encouraging. This will only hurt.
I fear that whether Jags leaves this year or not, the messsage he has sent is not in what he has said but rather what he has not said.

Anonymous said...

Before we start to make any drastic comments or start to bury Jags, let us give this a few days. It is not gonna happen for a number of reasons. I don't have alot of love for the man but this is not what we need as the recruiting seasons comes to an end.

Although this has taken Gene D and the boosters by surprise, It came totally from left field. Most expected Jags to stay at least 5 years before looking elsewhere.

With that said, there is no plan B at the moment. Gene is scrambling to put together a Plan B in case Jags blot.

Expect Steve Logan to be considered but George O'Leary from UCF will be the front runner. Word is that his name was brought up after TOB bolted but was taken out of the running because some in the upper administration of BC thought that it was still too soon to give O'Leary a high profile job after his ND fiasco. Several years later, all is gone and forgotten. O'Leary wants to get back to the ACC and with NE roots, he will gladly accept an offer.

But again.....Jags will stay.

eagleboston said...

If Jag's long-term goal was to use BC as a stepping-stone, he needs to bolt now. There may never be a better opportunity for him coming off two straight ACC division titles. I have been saying all week that next year is going to be a rough campaign and Jags knows this. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

And I would not begrudge him one bit. BC knew when they hired a young coach that this would most likely be a temporary gig. Since BC has never been to the BCS and is not a perennial Top 15 team, it is not an end goal for most coaches.

If Jags does go, and that is very much up in the air, BC is much better positioned than two years ago to land a good coach, thanks to Jags. At this point, it may make sense for BC to pursue an older coach that is not just looking for a stepping-stone job. O'Leary should get an interview, but my first call would be to Brian Kelly at Cincy. He grew up in the Boston area and is an absolutely phenomenal coach. Given our inability to land local recruits, it would help to get someone than can speak "Chowdah."

Anyway, I sincerely hope Jags stays. I love his riverboat-gambling style and I think he is building a wonderful program at BC.

ATL_eagle said...



This is no surprise to the boosters or to Gene. O'Leary will never get a sniff at the job and Gene does have a plan B.

Mark said...

I hope Jags goes. 2 years and he is already looking. Who needs him? The job should have gone to Mark Whipple 2 years ago. Unbelievable!
And its being reported all over the place by league sources that he will interview this week.

Anonymous said...

Which is it? Is Coughlin good or bad to BC. You seem conflicted?

eagleboston said...


"But like Coughlin, I think he has a true appreciation for BC and will always be a friend of the program (unlike his predecessor)."

Eagle in Atlanta is being very consistent here. In both the post you mentioned and this one, he is claiming to be a fan of Coughlin and believes Coughlin is a friend of the program. By "predecessor" he is referring to TOB.

Thomas said...

anyone watching the basketball game??? we look pretty damn sharp and there's some intensity to our defense that has been lacking in the past.

Let's bring this one home!!!

Thomas said...

BC up 14 with 10 minutes left... where is everyone?

Thomas said...

We pulled off the monumental upset! We know the boys can hang with anyone, now will they do it twice a week for the next two months?

Great resume building win!