Monday, January 12, 2009

Nightly update: no real news and other links

Earlier this afternoon Mark Blaudschun said that Mike London had an impressive interview. Only later in the day did he edit his own blog post with a quote from London saying he has not heard from BC. Regardless of what London is saying don't read too much into anything. All coaches are forced to lie to the press for recruiting reasons. For example, Jags denied the Jets interest but as we know he did have one and did go forward.

London also told the Richmond media he is focused on his current job.

I think BC's interest in London was legit but he is probably just denying to protect his current position and recruiting efforts.

Hats off to the current staffers for continuing their recruiting efforts. Bryan Davis is ready to commit even though we don't have a coach.

Joel Kight is expecting a home visit from our Head Coach. Someone might want to let him know what's gone on the past week.

The ACC named Carolyn Swords player of the week.


BCMike said...

Ahh...Blaudscum. Gotta love the edit. Can't post a retraction, just go ahead and edit it...much easier.

What a bum.

Erik said...

I like this Bruyan davis quote:

“If I wasn’t playing football, I’d still want to go to the school,” Davis said. “I feel like that’s the right fit for me.”

And as Bill pointed out, this Kight quote is hilarious:

"The Boston College head coach said he wanted to be the last head coach to see me, so I am not sure when he is coming."

Good times.

Brookline12 said...

Two Sun Tzu quotes come to mind this morning:

#1 Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

#2 Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.

Both these quotes relate to what is going out at the Heights.

First, Gene has managed to bungle the coaching hire. Let's face it, Gene is not going to pull a "rabbit out of his hat" in the next 24 to 36 hours. His thick headedness has him focused on hiring only one candidate and that is Spaz. Any talk of external hires is just to keep the boosters happy and make him look good in front of father leahy. His deadline of getting this done quick is going to doom the program for years to come.

Second, our "inferiority complex" when it comes to BC Football only helps to encourage Gene's arrogance and bad decisions. Since we only expect to have a great season every 8 to 10 years and settle in the middle of the pack the rest of the years, we sit silent and don't question the decisions that Gene is making.

If we were more focal alumni, we might actually get a better coach, lower the academic standards for athletes, and win a national championship. Instead, we focus on the idea that we are inferior...a good school/good atheletic program but always in the shadows of Harvard and other ACC schools.

mod34b said...

ATL, you say so matter of facly that "All coaches are forced to lie to the press for recruiting reasons"

C'mon now! Hath BC taught ye nothing! They are not forced to lie. They chose to lie. Jags chose to lie.

Let's not pretend its ok.

ATL_eagle said...

mod34b, I clearly understand your point, but what is Mike London supposed to say: "Yes, I interviewed and really wanted the BC job. However, the gossip looks like I won't get it so, I'll stay at Richmond." How do you think that would go over with recruits, fans and boosters? College sports is a dirty business.

eagle1331 said...

Brookline... did you really go to BC? Any BC student I have ever met in my life knows we are not a power house in football. We'd love to be, and I think we are getting there, but they don't expect a Nat'l Championships. Maybe it is complacency, who knows.

We are more a hockey school than a football school and I have always been more proud of our academic reputation and competing in all major sports than just 1. I, for one, would not want the school to sacrifice its academic prestige for a Nat'l Championship.

We proved last year we can compete and have academic standards, this year, I honestly believe we were a QB a way from doing it again - we paid for TOB's terrible recruiting in his last years, and we are probably going to have a downturn now b/c the offensive system will change and Jags recruits are very specific for that system. We can compete and we will. Our reputation just keeps going up.

mod34b said...

ATL -- true, true, true. college sports is a biz just like all the rest, and has an unseemly side.

I am not trying to be to pollyanna, but these guys need to say something like "no comment" rather than outright lies. But, i guess if they did do that, then we'd just have football coaches acting likes politicans.

Ahhh...human nature , what are we to do....

Brookline12 said...

I don't disagree that our academic reputation is very important but the standards we put on atheletics keep the potential reach of the school limited.

Sports means money...more money for scholarships and capital improvements on campus (without asking alumni for their money to expand the school)..and most importantly wider recognition in the world which means MORE Opportunities in the world for BC grads.

Why does that smart Chinese kid in Hong Kong choose USC over BC? Academics??? No, we are both the same rankings. Location??? Ok, it is closer to Hong Kong. Sports??? Of course, that is his first taste of USC. He never got that from BC because we are in the middle of the pack every year.

What is the problem with letting some atheles that are below the academic standards we hold for everyday students? A degree is a degree...Holding pride in that standard we put on athletes is just a crutch...How many unqualified athletes went to your prep school??? Many, did it dilute your education or school reputation??? Of course not.

Get a grip and let's get over it. It is time for us to kick some ass and let the world know about us. We need to stop living in this cave and realize that we need to adjust our value to the times.

Kids that are not smart in high school can bloom and become great students and "game breakers." I would rather have one of those types then a "Mark Chumura" type that is going to disappoint us in the end.