Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sanders saves the day

Last year in a late January game against Virginia Tech Rakim Sanders made a huge shot to send the game to OT. BC lost and the season went down the tubes shortly after. This year Sanders made a huge shot to win a game over Virginia Tech. Maybe this will prove to be the turning point as the team tries to solidify its tournament resume and lock in a spot in the top half of the ACC. Nothing is set but standing 5-3 at the halfway point of the ACC slate puts BC in good position.

-- Solid minutes from Tyler Roche. With Trapani in foul trouble, Roche got serious minutes and played well. He hit his shots, grabbed a couple rebounds and most surprisingly played solid D.
-- Out rebounding the Hokies. Big night from Raji and Dunn, but Sanders' put back was the most important. VT killed us on the boards earlier in the season in Blacksburg. Controlling things tonight made a difference, especially in the second half.
-- The final possession. It worked so Al looks great, but the reality is it is a great call. You put it in Rice's hand for the final shot, have him drive and then have the guys close to the basket to pick up the rebound. It's a high percentage move.

-- The final two minutes. BC made some questionable plays in the final two minutes to let the lead slip away. Why is Rice giving it up in traffic? Why wasn't Trapani more careful with the elbow? Why did they fall asleep on the inbounds? It wasn't pretty.
-- Chucking from 3. Another off night from downtown. Other than Rice, I really don't think anyone else deserves the green light from long distance.

Good win in front of a good crowd. Now let's get a win against UVA before the brutal Wake, Clemson, Duke stretch.


morrina said...

A great night for BC. OK, first of all I must give credit where credit is due. Roche had a solid game off the bench with Trapani in foul trouble all night, and the students were in attendance and loud. Conte was buzzing. During a timeout, the public address announcer introduced Craig Smith, who was sitting courtside, and he got a HUGE ovation. BC played hard all night, gave a great effort from start to finish, and took every punch (literally) that VTech gave. This was like a Big East game in the second half -- physical! I'm curious what the commentators said about the Trapani 5th foul, because in person it looked like he was the one who got fouled. The night ended with a huge putback by Sanders, a euphoric crowd, and Tyrese jumping onto Smith as he headed to the locker room. It's hard not to be optimistic. Losing is contagious....and so is winning.

BCNorCal07 said...

This was the second straight game that Roche had his head on straight. I wish I could've seen the game, but I really think that he's one of those hidden keys and that Bill is right to single him out for praise. If he hustles and hits a couple shots, we're a different team. I'm really glad to see him start to put it together and be a contributor.

Ry said...

The elbow call on Trapani was total bullshit and shouldn't be mentioned in your dislikes. He grabbed the board and had guys all over him, at best that is a non-call and yet it went against us. Don't fault Joe for us slipping down the stretch, he was doing what he has been coached to do and it shouldn't have been called.

This was one of the best games I remember seeing in person in recent memory. The atmosphere was great, the students were great, the place was as loud as it can get at the end of the game. This was a great win against a very solid team and I am proud of the way we played tonight. Good D, we crashed the boards, and we didn't commit bad turnovers. We have to feel good at this point in the season.

One of the highlights was Craig Smith getting a nice standing O when he was announced as a special guest before halftime.

flutie22phelan20 said...

I only had the chance to watch the second half, and during that time BC executed extremely well in the half court. Great to see.

I agree that Trapani should not be slighted at all for his "fifth foul." He was getting mauled before that. Apparently, after that call on Joe tonight and on Southern against Maryland, ACC refs have sent a clear signal: late in the game, be sure to harass and bear hug BC rebounders as much as possible; then grab your face and look pissed off. All of that = guaranteed horsesh!t foul call.

Walter said...

I was at the game and it was probably my favorite win since Florida State two years ago. The crowd was great, the enthusiasm was there, and we won in thriller fashion.

I wish Joe had hit some of his threes, but the one he did sink to break the tie with about four minutes to go was very clutch, even if the Hokies did take the lead just before the end.

Roche continues to have his good moments, Sanders very importantly maintains consistency, and, maybe most exciting of all, Reggie has great following among the students and is fun to watch.

I really hope we can keep this up.

EAGLE_IN_LA said...

The color guy on TV was so pro-VT and pro-Vasallo. After Trapani picked up his fifth foul, this color commentator was completely praising the refs and saying what a great call it was and how Trapani was completely in the wrong for using that elbow (even though he had 3 guys on him fouling him and the refs didn't call it). Great win. Pumped.


matthew2 said...

yes this is premature.... but what is it about low numbers? who will be retired in the last 10 years.... rice, 4. dudley, 3. bell, 2. smith, 1............. and number 0? Mr March!

All I'm saying is that Reggie has "it". He was a pleasure to watch at the beginning of the year, and he has actually gotten visibly better! He has energy, he can shoot, he can handle the ball (hello starting PG next year, maybe?). He has good court awareness... this kid has leader written all over him. It seems like everytime he is involved in a play, something good happens. I can't think of anything that he has really done wrong this year, and I cannot think of a flaw. Yes, he still has a lot of developing to do... but he has no glaring issues.

And, everyone loves him. the students were chanting his name on multiple occasions tonight. I remember "JA-RED DUD-LEY" chants, but can't think of any others recently... maybe it's just the fact that there's a ring to "REG-GIE" (OK I"m a Yankees fan...)

Eagle0407 said...

Totally agree that the 5th foul on Trapani was bogus. He chinned it in traffic. Textbook rebounding. You're entitled to pivot from that position. I really thought that call was going to cost us the game.

This was the best defensive effort I've seen from this team in years. They have a lot to be proud of. I thought Rice really stepped up his leadership and brought the intensity. The rotations were excellent, and we closed out and rebounded very well. Pretty much a flawless job. Truly a joy to watch our defenders off the ball.

I also liked seeing Al yelling at the officials -- he's done this a lot more this year and I do think it has helped us. The foul that sent Rice to the line for the penultimate go-ahead basket could fairly be described as a makeup call, and Big Al gets credit for that.

I've had a hard time feeling good about most of our wins this year because the effort and defensive execution have been lackluster. Not this one. Great job Eagles.

BCNorCal07 said...

Man, I miss those Jared Dudley chants. I was a junior for the team with Craig, Louis, Jared, Sean, Tyrese, and that guy that was a total screw-up (what was his name again?). It was amazing how much that group of guys just wanted it. Especially Jared and Sean, their passion for victory was palpable. There are times with this team that I can sense that Rakim and Reggie have that same kind of desire. Hopefully that will rub off on the rest of these guys as February hits us and then bleeds into March.

Remember that ridiculous Sean Williams dunk against Pacific in the 2nd round of the NCAAs? You can see me in the corner of the backboard. Sean could have placed his soles - flat-footed - on the backboard after making that dunk.

G.A. said...

Glad to see some more attention to the the team that's playing than to the one that doesn't play for 7 months. I love the blog, but "green light from 3 point line?" C'mon. If open and if it comes in the flow of the offense, Rice, Trapani, Sanders, Paris, Jackson, Roche, Elmore, need to take that shot.

Ry said...

My buddy called it last night. This year's candidate for the honorary Johnny Jackson-Marquez Haynes-Willie Poole-Willie Dean-Daye Kaba-Osei Millar-etc Memorial Al Skinner doesn't play me transfer award is Evan Ravenel.

Unknown said...

First I think the student section deserves alot of credit, they showed up and made noise when it was needed and really kept this bc team on its heels during this slow and dragging game. As for the foul call of trapani if you arent gonna call the reach in foul on trapani then you dont call trapani for the elbow foul because he is doing this to create seperation from himself and the defender reaching in. I also do not see why Evan Ravenel was not used he is a craig smith/shamari spears type of guy who i think would get more rebounds, create some trouble for jeff allen on the block, and ultimately take the burden of josh southern and courtney dunn. Good game overall, we just need to keep this up and hopefully the younger players learn and gain confidence from every game

Leather D said...

On the inbounds play we gave up at the end - the entire BC coaching staff was jumping up and down screaming at someone on BC that they were not in the correct position. Both Skins and one of the assistants spun around and smashed a couple of chairs after the bucket. That inbounds f-up is on one of the guys and not the staff.

Erik said...

Trapani's 5th fould was bogus, not his fault. His 4th foul was bad/lazy.

Opinionater said...

I take issue with Matthew's statement: "I think the student section deserves alot of credit"
Yes, they did show up for VaTech. Yes, they were loud and supportive---FINALLY! Where the hell have they been all season?! I have attended every home game and the student support has been TERRIBLE! Game after game, empty seats in both endzones (after longtime season ticketholders were "bumped" to make room for students). Tune in to any other ACC hoop game on tv--and even if it is a "cupcake", the student sections are sold out--after waiting in line for hours! It has been an embarrassment all season.
So, we shall see, I am not yet ready to give the students "Fans-of-the-Year Awards" for showing up for one game!
P.S. The foul call on Trapani was BOGUS and I would love to see BC actually execute an inbounds play, instead of players just "floating" and having the 5-second count get to 4.99 as we then throw up a floating pass to Tyrese hoping he can out-jump the opponent! (He should have been called for a push-off on an inbound late in the game).

Unknown said...

I agree with what you are saying opionator and what i guess i meant was that it was a nice sight to actually see the student section there and making a difference after a long awaited arrival but i also think that they are the part of the reason why bc won this game