Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spaz reactions and other links

Nick Larkin went to bat for his former coach during the process. TOB was also happy with the selection.

Connecticut writers are already speculating on where Skinner's latest commitment will fit in the roster.

HD has her rundown of the ACC season. I will pick up my season in review stuff once things get back to normal around here.

This is HD's take on our recruiting needs. But she uses faulty logic here. You don't really recruit your current class looking to fill spots left by your departing seniors. BC isn't going to find a tackle to replace Raji. They are hoping that the guys they have already on campus are good enough to fill the void. Current recruits will be for positions that will have holes in the coming seasons.

Other bloggers are still weighing in on the Jags-Gene-Spaz drama (here and here).

Here is the history of older coaches in the ACC.

Spaz is the Mustache Wednesday subject at EDSBS.

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