Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stuff is going down

ESPN is reporting that Jags will be fired if he interviews with the Jets. Stay tuned.


BC78LH said...

I'm bummed but I guess I can't blame Jags, head coach for a NY team is a step up.

EasyRider said...

This can easily be filed in the not sure what to think of this category. I'd hate to see Jags go, but I love to see the courage out of Gene. This will be interesting to watch.

@timstwrt said...

I don't really get the statement that Gene's making. That we aren't a stepping stone? I mean, Jags isn't talking about interviewing with, say the University of Iowa. It's an NFL job and he's an NFL guy...why wouldn't he interview? Gene's putting himself in a very odd position, and fighting a battle that doesn't need to be fought.

BCNorCal07 said...

This is getting really nutty really fast. While I commend Gene for taking a strong position, this will only weaken his negotiating stance going forward. Combine that with the fact that Logan has said before that he doesn't want to be a head coach again, and I'm left wondering what's going on. It seems to me that there's something more going on than Jags just getting an interview. Very very interesting.

lizz said...

I'm proud of the athletic department for taking a tough stance. Was anyone else incredibly impressed by jags' coaching this year? After the embarrassments in the ACC championship game and bowl, coupled with his utter inability to recruit, I do not think its unreasonable for the athletic department to ask for some kind of committment out of him. They are responsible for the best interests of the program, and he obviously wants the best for himself.

ORDEagle said...

I guess I'm confused on the threat by Gene. Did he promise he wouldn't interview for a job for X years? Does his contract say he can't interview for a pro job? Sounds nuts to me. Fire him because he took a job interview? Unless there is some specific language in his contract, I can't see BC paying off three years because of hurt feelings.

Come on ATL - what are we missing here?

The Advocate said...

we don't know who the source is, my money is on jags or his agent. gene is too smart to take this public.

BCNorCal07 said...

While I like how Gene is standing up to Jags here, this becoming public (if it is true) is disastrous for Gene. It really weakens him when looking for coaches in the future because he will have established that he doesn't want the school used as a stepping stone. That will either scare off hot young coaches or will put them in the position to ask for big big bucks, which it seems that Gene can't/won't/isn't allowed to do.

BobVanasse said...

This doesn't sound like a Gene D thing to do or say. In over a decade at BC he has always taken the high road. It will be interesting to watch this play out. If Gene has in fact done or said what ESPN is reporting, I would guess there is a reason for this stance that is not yet obvious. Gene has been a stand up guy all along.

Danny Boy said...

I see no way that this ends well. Ultimatums just dont work. Either way, it makes it seem that the enthusiasm Jagz had for the program was either feigned, or the honeymoon phase is over.

Its a shame that this happens right when it appears that Boyd has left the door wide open to signing with us. Maybe this is a clever ruse on Jagz' and Gene's part to convince Boyd that Jagz would go to the ends of the earth for him.

CT said...

I agree...wouldn't all of this be standard stuff that's addressed in his contract?

This strikes me as horrible timing in terms of recruiting. If, in fact, we still do that.

Curiously aggressive stance taken by the AD if the rumors prove true. I usually give the benefit of the doubt to BC, but this seems much too public and acrimonious to me.

I'm a Jags fan, but it certainly reeks of opportunism. Moving on is fine...but two years, Jags?

Matt said...

The stories this morning stated that Gene and Jags had BOTH announced that the "Jags to the Jets" rumors are false.

If Gene is now threatening to fire Jags if he takes the interview, my guess is that Jags lied to Gene earlier. If that is, in fact, the case, good for Gene. It doesn't necessarily mean that he refuses to acknowledge that BC will likely be a "stepping stone"; it simply means that he's not going to tolerate the highest-paid and most visible member of his staff to lie to his face.

EagleWildcat said...
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ClassO10 said...

What a crazy night. BC beats the number one team in BBall and now our AD is giving his coach an ultimatum for interviewing for a head coaching job in the NFL.

An everybody lose situation.

Jeff said...

BCNorCal seemed to hit the nail on the head in saying this is disastrous for Gene if all is true.

Roller Coaster week to be a BC fan and for Gene.

Bowl loss
UNC win
Jags mess

Unknown said...

Definitely a roller coaster weekend for a BC fan. Congratulations to the basketball team for a GREAT victory. I thought about going, now I'm upset I didn't.

Now onto this Jags thing. I'll be honest I'll feel pretty betrayed by Jags if he ands up leaving and even if he does interview because it means hes thinking about leaving. I've seen Jags as a coach who could take this team to a new level in the ACC and nationally. A few different things go differently this year and BC is a top 15 team again. I had a feeling that Jags would stay here for a while too and no sooner is his second year over but there's rumors that he's headed to New York (which is a place i just don't see him coaching. I'm from New York, Giants fan though, and just think Jags is too, well, nice of a guy to be a coach in New York...Torre, Coughlin, of these things is not like the others).

There definitely is something that we're all missing here and that we're not being told which is understandable. Only time is going to tell I think.

CHI_Eagle said...

Forget about your concerns regarding Jags loyalty. It's not about Jags... Gene D is hurting the program immensely if the reports are true. Having a program that produces NFL head coaches is not the worst thing. Having a dud for a decade (ie- TOB)is worse.

Walter said...

I would hate to see Jags leave, but I'm not going to really panic over it.

The football team showed they could be successful in a time of transition the past two seasons. Yeah we had Matt Ryan for one of them, but, objectively, this season was not that bad. If we capped it off with the bowl win, we have the same season we did two years ago, and that's legit.

Losing Jags would be tough because he's a nice guy, but not because we need him to win.

eagleboston said...

I don't know why everyone is so surprised about Jags looking at other opportunities. I posted this AM that you have to strike when the iron is hot and right now, the iron is red-hot. The opportunities won't be there after next season when BC does not win the Atlantic Division and Jags knows this.

The ESPN 2 reports (if true) are disturbing as I am unsure what Gene is trying to accomplish. Tell him he will be fired for interviewing forces Jags to do one of two things: 1) Interview anyway and most likely leave BC; 2) not interview but then be very bitter and have a strained relationship with your AD.

The better approach for Gene would be to express how much you want him to remain at BC and wish him luck in the interview. Then, when he does not get the Jets job, you have a heart-to-heart in private about his future.

jazzeagle05 said...

This needs to get pinned on Gene one way or another. How do you allow a coach you don't like to go interviewing all over the planet and do nothing about it, but issue an overly dramatic ultimatum to a coach who may INTERVIEW for a job which he has little chance of getting in the first place?

There has to be more to the story here. I think Gene allowed himself to get emotional about this and issue an unnecessary ultimatum without reasoning through the situation. This looks bad either way and, unfortunately, I think marks the end of the Jags era at BC. I'll miss him, I thought he was great for the program.

And before you go and kill Jags over this, remember that Coughlin only coached for two years at BC before jumping to the NFL, and he has said nothing but good things about BC since he left and has been nothing but a friend to the program. Change is not always bad, but when you make it ugly, as Gene clearly has, it has far less of a chance of being turned into a good thing later down the line.

Ryan said...

I wouldn't be so sure that he has little chance of getting the job. Would it surprise anyone if Favre was somehow behind the scenes pressuring the Jets management to interview his former coach? I woudn't put it past him to issue an ultimatum saying that he'll retire if Jags doesn't get an interview or a job. Just food for thought.

Walter said...

On the plus side, if both NY coaches came from Boston College, it would be pretty cool.

matthew2 said...

Ryan -- you are 100% right. Jets CEO Woody Johnson has driven this Favre/Jets marriage all along. He loves Favre, and it was clear in NY that either the coach or Favre had to go. And he made his choice less than 24 hours after the last game.

Woody surely wants Favre for another year. The best way to get him to come back would be hire his old OC. Jags and Favre got along every well, and they had great success together. And Jags will run an offense that Favre knows and loves.

John -- I don't know what you were going for with the NY coach comparison. Joe Torre is one of the nicest men around. Jags.... seems like a good guy too. Coughlin, while intense and old-school, is not really a mean guy (I don't think).

And to everyone that feels 'betrayed'. GET OVER IT. 99.9% of the people in sports are there to do what is best for them. Even if BC had a better program, the coach would always be looking for the next step (see LSU, Nick Saban). That's the way it's going to be. It was only a matter of time before Jags looked to go to the next level, and the perfect situation may have just come a little bit sooner than most expected.

As far as Gene goes.... perhaps he knows that Jags is likely to get the job if interviewed, so he's making a last ditch effort to keep him (hoping Jags gets worried). No matter what way you slice it, though, this isn't good for Gene's rep and it isn't good for recruting. It would be nice if Logan took over, just because we might not lose as many recruits.

Rob said...

Everyone relax until we know what is really going on. This information is sketchy and unverifiable right now. We also have no clue who leaked what.

Andrew S. said...

Gee golly gosh do I hate the mother f'ing Jets. I can deal with them screwing with the Patriots, but to think their vacancy could set back BC football's progress really blows my mind.

jazzeagle05 said...

There are 10 candidates for the Jets job:

Rex Ryan, Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator
Steve Spagnuolo, New York Giants Defensive Coordinator
Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator
Ron Rivera, San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator
Ron Meeks, Indianapolis Colts Defensive Coordinator
Brian Schottenheimer, New York Jets Offensive Coordinator
Bill Callahan, New York Jets Offensive Line Coach
Russ Grimm, Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line Coach
Brian Billick, former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
Jeff Jagodzinski, Boston College Head Coach

The Jets are gettting killed on the PSLs they decided to sell at a bad time in the economy and the new coach will open the new stadium up. There is no way they take a coach who has proven little on a level of control in the NFL over a number of highly qualified candidates with seriously impressive NFL resumes.

Additionally, the executives love Schottenheimer, so the coach will probably be a defensive guy so they can keep him as OC.

Adam said...

I hope Jags stays. I also hope that this ultimatum is BS and if he gets the job that Gene wishes him all the best and starts scouting the next BC Guy who wants to be our head coach.

I thought Jags was only interested in Green Bay as an NFL HC position. I wonder if the Farve thing makes a difference... Either way, this seems slightly suspect.

Adam said...

which of these is not like the other:

Rex Ryan, Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator
Steve Spagnuolo, New York Giants Defensive Coordinator
Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator
Ron Rivera, San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator
Ron Meeks, Indianapolis Colts Defensive Coordinator
Brian Schottenheimer, New York Jets Offensive Coordinator
Bill Callahan, New York Jets Offensive Line Coach
Russ Grimm, Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line Coach
Brian Billick, former Baltimore Ravens Head Coach
Jeff Jagodzinski, Boston College Head Coach

John B said...

My God, is Gene a moron if this is true. We should be talking about our basketball team's win over the number one team in the nation. Instead, we're making national headlines because our AD has to throw a hissy fit over a job his football coach isn't likely to land.

Thomas said...

I can't believe how poorly handled this is. What a lot of you are failing to mention is that Gene isn't even going to interview possible head coaches. He's just gonna hand it to Logan if Jags jets? Doesn't seem like a very smart move to me. If you're going to just hand the job over to one of your assistants, why not reward one of the most respected defensive coordinators and longest tenured member of your coaching staff?

The public ultimatum? Does Gene think that Jags is gonna want to come back to a school that's holding him hostage? I'd be livid if I was in JJ's shoes and I'd interview at every possible job anywhere to make sure I didn't end up back at BC.

Ugh. Just makes me sick.

flutie22phelan20 said...

Well, this is certainly an unfortunate development. And I think both sides walked to the edge of the cliff, and, frankly, have taken a step to far. There's no way to undo this and I imagine Jags' short, and very successful, time at BC is over.

At first blush, it sure looks like Gene D acted irrationally. But I imagine there's a very long back story because there are a bunch of pieces to this puzzle that don't fit together.

Why do all of the reports have Logan staying on as HC? Lest we forget, Logan gave Jags his big time college football start at East Carolina, and he became the OC at BC largely as a favor to Jags. Logan, in other words, is a Jags guy. Why, then, would he stay if our Administration so publicly screwed over Jags?

I'm sure one or both of the following happened: Jags gave Gene (and, more importantly, Fr. Leahy) a commitment that he would be at BC for "x" number of years (likely the 5 yr length of his contract), and he's since indicated that is no longer his operative plan; or, second, Jags flat out lied about the interview.

Otherwise, Gene D's actions make very, very little sense. They would be totally contrary to his interests and BC to put all of your chips in the middle of the table like this.

But, say there is a back story: Gene is lied to by his HC about not interviewing for the Jets; he also notes that Jags has no prayer of getting the Jets job, meaning that he's not even being selective -- if he'd openly seek the Jets job when he has no realistic shot, he'd openly seek any NFL job. That kills recruiting and fan support -- we saw TOB do the same thing for the five years before he left.

So, what do you do then? Maybe you put your foot down.

The counter argument to that is: who will come to BC if they know it's a long term commitment? And the answer is a logical one: our current coaching staff has three potential HCs on it (Bicknell, Logan and Spaz), and another assistant who will be one in the near future (Ryan Day). So, Gene makes a move and promotes from within.

The thing I don't like is how public this whole charade is. Gene cannot call a press conference tomorrow and sell his former coach down the river. He's already effectively done that once with TO'B, and I don't want BC's AD looking like he's impossible to work for (and disloyal to former employees). That's ugly.

EagleinNYC said...

My thoughts, for what its worth... I think at this point Jags is gone... If what ESPN is reporting is true, the relationship with him and Gene is done. That all being said, I live in NYC, and I have to think there is a 0% chance he gets the Jets job anyway! The Jets and him would be absolutely crucified if he got hired. With the PSL disaster and the collapse of this season, they MUST hire a name coach. Be it a big name NFL coach/coordinator or a big time college coach. I love Jags and what he has done thus far, but he has not truly proven he can run a college team, let alone an NFL team. AND, the NY media would destroy Favre over this as well, saying nothing but Jags got the job solely because of Favre....

Unknown said...

If Jagz goes, is Phil Fulmer still looking for a job?

flutie22phelan20 said...


Eagle in Brighton said...


matthew2 said...

wait... is he fired flutie phelan?

@timstwrt said...

As I said earlier, I think this is a silly move by Gene. But why is Jags getting all of the benefit of the doubt here? There's little chance in my mind that this was leaked by BC. It seems far likelier that it was leaked by Jags or his people, for a couple of reasons. One is that the source is Mortenson. Who's more likely to contact ESPN's NFL reporter: the college athletic director, or the 10-year NFL assistant? Also, there's no upside for Gene to have this public, because it compromises his stance. This is embarrassing, presumably, because of Jags. I don't begrudge him looking into the Jets job, nor would I be mad at him for using us as a stepping stone. But to embarrass us on his way out the door is out of line. I'm with the majority of people here in thinking this is a foregone conclusion now, and that's a shame.

Alex said...

Monday morning's Herald article is now posted and suggests Jags is all but fired--also WBZ Ch4 Boston is saying Jags firing is a "done deal."