Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend roundup

Strange news from the coaching scene:

1. East Carolina released a statement saying BC has not contacted them regarding Skip Holtz. Two simple explanations: they are denying to protect Skip in case he doesn't get the job or BC hasn't contacted ECU.

2. Steve Addazio has been hospitalized with a knee infection.

Does this sound like things are ready to wrap Monday? I certainly don't have an audience with the BC decision makers in this process, but let me say what I've been saying to anyone who will listen: don't rush this search!!! Hire the right guy and keeping the staff or recruits will not matter in the long run.

The hockey team had a rough weekend in Vermont coming up with one loss and one tie.

The new BC staff may be able to get in on this recruit who South Carolina just spurned.

Women's basketball is now 2-0 in the ACC.

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Big Jack Krack said...

Wow - The Boston College women's basketball team (13-3, 2-0 ACC) earned its fifth win in a row and second in conference play in front of 3,247 fans on Sunday afternoon, defeating Virginia Tech (8-7, 0-2 ACC), 73-62.

Is that correct - 3,247 fans? If we count the number of men's BBall home games, men's hockey games and now include women's BBall - it's no wonder the attendance is getting watered down.

Skinner's boys had better stop waiving at the opponents as they streak to the basket. Otherwise the women will be outdrawing the men :-)