Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bracketology updates

The bracket forecasters appreciated the Duke win. BC is off the bubble but still not a great seed. Here are the rundowns.

-- ESPN has BC as a 11 seed.

-- Bracketology 101 thinks BC is an 8 seed.

-- Hoops Report has BC as a 9.

I don't know how high BC can move up. If they hit a roll and win the ACC Tourney, it would probably earn a 4. Split the final few games and win 1 ACC tourney game and it probably means an 8 or 9. Lose out and the bubble comes back.


Unknown said...

When Maryland came out of nowhere to win the ACC tourney a couple of years ago, they went from barely on the bubble to a four seed. If BC somehow won the ACC tourney, they would have to probably beat two top 10 RPI teams. They would probably be seeded higher than a four and possibly as high as a 2 seed if they won the tourney and went 10-6 in the RS. I think BC will go 10-6, make the ACC semis and get a 6 or 7 seed.

Oh, and I could not be more psyched they beat Duke. It felt like a progression where they hung around for a half against Wake, 30 minutes against Clemson (more like 35 even), then finally got over the hump against Duke. Impressive.

CT said...

Having followed ACC basketball for the better part of 35 years, history suggests that if BC were to somehow win the ACC tourney, they'd be no higher than a 4, especially after a good, not great, regular season record. The two high-quality (hypothetical) tourney wins would push them from a 9 to a 4...nothing wrong with that. But certainly not a 2. Two seeds don't have egregious losses on their record. We have two.

The only thing that might change that is if BC won out. That would make them, what, 27-8? I think a 2-2 record is more realistic and appropriate for the talent level on the team. We'll see, I guess...just make the tourney and hope the guards get on a run.

Just my two cents.

Erik said...

One game I was watching to recently (UNC/Duke), the announcers made mention that the selection committee might place extra emphasis on keeping teams in their general region because of the economy. No opening round sites are near Boston, but there could be a domino effect which teams could be a few spots higher or lower than normal to accomodate this. Basically, there's no way to predict to close what seed someone will be.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Yah, the "teams will be sent to a less expensive destination," only if the "seeding and balance of the bracket is not impacted."

With that said, there is a regional in Philly, which would be sick for current students, as that would be decent distance for a road trip.

In terms of seeding, I think if we go 2-2 (just being cautious), locking up a 9 or 10. Personally, I'd love to be a 10, to avoid a possible second round matchup with a 1.

Erik said...

Gerrod Abram doesn't shy away from playing 1 seeds, baby!

CT said...

My man, Gerrod Abram!

A backboard-shattering shooting guard!

Talk about sending the students into a frenzy. We were delirious after that dunk!

Gerrod fears no man.

M&M said...
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BCNorCal07 said...

I too would love to be a 7 or 10 and avoid a 1 in the second round. None of them are good match-ups for us. We wouldn't get UNC and OU, UConn and Pitt are all big-centric. That said, I'm hoping we can string together some wins and play our way up to a 6+. Who's that guy from LA with the rah-rah and the half-time margaritas? Could use some of his pep right now. I mean, getting a 6 would be huge. Even a 7 would be big.

Eagle0407 said...

The east regional is in Boston this year. Does that disqualify BC from being in that region?

mmason said...

Fo' shame, BCNorCal, I'm on it--just battled the rainy LA freeways to get back and read the always electric BC posts on the ATL. The BC battling Eagles were truly an inspiration--I think we knew what had to happen and the kids emerged on the court--BC contested every rebound and crushed the Dukies on the outside, taking away the treys and making putbacks with relentless tenacity. It was emotional--I've seen all the Duke losses and long ago win and this was a big thing for the program, the U, the fans, alums and the team.

It also speaks to the need for rah-rah on the student side. The crowd was huge in this win and if we are to do the next big thing, the kids have to keep showing up for the games and raising hell from above, Eagle style. This Conte coffin thing is not good. When Eagle fans show up the players really rise up and rock'n roll the place.

As for the Dance--we can't overlook anything between here and there. Our young BC team responds viscerally to the home crowd--the intensity just lit up our guys--Trapani, Rice, Reggie, Southern and Roche and Sanders were on fire because the crowd just roared on every play. Man, it made me proud to see it. Bottle that intensity and these cardiac kids can do great things--believe it.

The run to the tourney can be a historic event if our people show up to support this team as they begin to gain momentum. No doubt that BC could do some damage--a 6 or 7 seed isn't out of the question if the team has learned how to play at the level they ascended to on Sunday. But the fans are a big part of that, too. With that energy in place, it's margarita time.

BCNorCal07 said...

Thanks mmason. You always bring a smile to my face. Go EAGLES!

Unknown said...

FEB 24 vs. FSU @ 9
Buy some tickets and show up.
The students will be there, its all the donor seats in the bowl that won't go to a 9 pm game on a tuesday. So get some and head in. Can't just ask for a better crowd, gotta go and make the atmosphere

Ted H said...

How quickly things change. Lets stop talking about a 2 or 4 seed. Realistically if we make the tournament it is good thing. It is no sure thing at this point. As a team we are a dog with fleas. Is it possible we win one or two games in the ACC tournament? Yes. Can we win the whole thing? No way. Too many turnovers and not enough defense. As for hoping that our 2nd round opponent in the NCAA tournament is not a 1 seed, you are being a little ridiculous. Lets first win the 1st round game if we get there. Then we will worry about who we play. Last week everything was doom and gloom. Now we are a championship contender. Lets stop with the roller coaster and take it one game at a time and be realistic.

BCNorCal07 said...

Ted: Sometimes it's hard to stop getting ahead of myself and I'll argue the hypotheticals until the sun goes down. But you're right, there's almost no way this team gets to a four. Even a six would be a HUGE accomplishment. And the Miami game is, in a word, large right now. A win at Miami - a talented, but disappointing team that'll hopefully be a little complacent after beating FSU - would be tremendous. It's the kind of win that demonstrates a team is focused and not coasting. Go Eagles!