Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking back at Spaz Part 1

Spaz is a first-time head coach, but he is a very familiar name to BC fans. Having called the defenses for 10 years, I thought the offseason would be a good time to look back at some of his best and worst moments. Hopefully he’s learned from these events and will use that knowledge this season now that he is in charge of both sides of the ball.

Miami 18--BC 7
November 10, 2001

What happened?
Miami came in with the No. 1 ranking and the nation’s longest winning streak. BC was without their best player (suspended William Green). The Canes were heavily favored. Spaziani put together a perfect gameplan. BC used a variety of zones to confuse Ken Dorsey and contain the explosive Miami offense. At times eight guys dropped into coverage. It was the epitome of “bend but don’t break”

BC’s defensive accomplishments that day included:

-- Holding Miami to their lowest point total of that season
-- Holding Miami without an offensive touchdown for the first time in 52 games
-- Forcing Ken Dorsey into a career high four INTs
-- Forcing five turnovers in total
-- Holding Miami to their second lowest total yardage output of the season

This was one of the best teams in college football history and BC gave them their toughest win of the season. If the BC offense had done just a little more and had not allowed Ed Reed to run back a fluky INT by a defensive linemen, BC would have pulled off a huge upset. I don’t believe in moral victories, but Spaz coached a hell of a game that day.

What I hope he’s learned?

Even when you are outmatched, you still need to take chances. Looking back, BC had the right gameplan on one side of the field. However, our offensive scheme didn’t really help our defense. Sure it was ground control that ate clock and kept the mighty Hurricanes off the field, but it didn’t force or create any big plays. BC had the No.1 team in the country on the ropes but only had 7 points to show for it. Even the drive where Walters picked off St. Pierre was going conservative. I know that Spaz won’t be calling the offensive plays this year but hopefully a little of the Logan-Jags gambler mentality rubbed off. BC won’t get to that next level just by playing great defense.


Mike R. said...

Where was Spaz when we gave up 41 to Syracuse at home the following year? No moral victories on that day. All things considered, I love Spaz as a coach and am actually happy with him as HC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mike R - I never could understand that game. I think when Peterson went down with a broken hand, the entire team stopped believing in themselves. When you come right down to it, we could have been 10 and 0 going into that game, rather than 8 and 2 with a berth in the BCS Fiesta Bowl on the line.

That's why college football holds so much interest for me - a team can be ever so close, but not quite get there. Some of it has to be about the intangibles.

When Damien Rhodes ran for a 69-yard touchdown on the game's very first play from scrimmage, I sensed it was going to be bad all day long.

What's the point? I don't know except to say that there were probably a lot more guys to blame as well as Coach Spaz that day.

We're going to break out of this streak of falling just short this year or next in Charlotte for the ACCCG. And wouldn't it be fun to knock off UNC there again!!!!!! And don't forget - it can very easily be 70+ degrees in Charlotte in early December. We might as well do it with Spaz as the HC and Tranquill as the OC.

P.S. My wife thinks I'm nuts.

Mike R. said...

Without a dominant team in the ACC, anyone will have a shot to make it to Charlotte (even us). We'll need a solid candidate to emerge as our starting QB. From there, anything is possible.

Heights said...

We need a QB...plain and simple. Last year's squad was solid minus a quarterback. If Tuggle turns out to be somewhat talented, we could see an ACC championship this year and an Orange Bowl victory.

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry to have gotten off the Miami point, but in answering Mike R, I was referring to the 43 to 17 pasting that Syracuse put on us on November 27, 2004.

I like your attitude NYCeagle :-)and I agree with you.

Re: Miami in 2001 - as conservative as TOB and Bible were on offense, we were still in a great position to beat the Number 1 Team in the Country and eventual National Champion except for that fluke play. We may well have walked away in the waning seconds with a 13 (or 14) to 12 victory. SOOOO close. And we did beat Georgia in the Music City Bowl that year. We've been close for a long time - let's get over the hump. Go BC. (and beat Clemson tonight)

BCNorCal07 said...

Big Jack: I hate to have to remind you, but we didn't play Syracuse in 2004. That game was canceled or something of the sort.

Honestly, that was the single worst football game I've ever been to and I like to pretend it just never happened.

CT said...

Crowd sounds pretty good tonight. Team is playing with enthusiasm and shooting well so far. A little trouble with the press, but not too too bad. Let's keep it up!

CT said...

Wow, the inability to deal with the press.


And again.

It's boring to type at this point.

Big Jack Krack said...

Additionally - was there any reason for Roche to be in there over Trapani for so long?

Once Rice tried to take over the game, everyone else tended to stand around watching a little bit.

Too bad. 3 minutes to go - it's possible. How about a couple of stops - a couple of rebounds.

Nope - game pretty much over.

CT said...

Oh Tyrese. Not a good last minute.

mmason said...

How many times are we going to watch Tyrese and the Eagles blow the last set of the concert with stupid turnovers, bad passing and misguided shot selection...and that's just what happens at home? Good beginnings never seem to be enough for our guys--it's like they find a way to lose. One reason why we can't fill the house at home might be that the team disappoints the homers with sloppy play and weird lapses in focus. We could have rocked Clemson tonight...but no one seems to want it enough to finish with authority... I'm bummed out--2 hours in L.A. traffic to get home and watch another one get whittled away with bad defense and sloppy ball handling.

Big Jack Krack said...

Basketball is a team game. If one man is absolutely on fire, sometimes that works. Usually it doesn't. Hey Al, did you fall asleep again in your own coolness?

I'll say one thing in recognittion of Oglesby's outstanding game - after his "in your face - disgrace dunk" with a few seconds to go - if I was on the court, I would have taken the inbounds pass and fired an "errant pass" at the back of his head! :-)

You can always tell when I'm on the road in a hotel. That's the first full game I have watched this year (out of the country for UNC). Will Al teach them the fundamentals of beating the press before the season ends? Was there any other reason they lost the game? That and getting out of the team concept and rhythm offensively.

Good night all.

Unknown said...

was Skinner trying to throw the game? I don't see how you can contend with the #12 team in the country with Roche, Dunn and Paris on the court for the last 10 minutes; little offensive capability. Two games in a row BC has been leading teams at half only to lose by double digits; that is on Skinner. Its like the only adjustments he makes at half are to stop doing what was successful in the first half. By the way, someone needs to teach BC's guards how to play defense, they overplay too much, get blown by and then a dish for an easy layup or dunk. how many easy buckets does BC give up late in the shot clock? unbelievable, but tonight is on Skinner.

BP said...
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