Monday, February 23, 2009

Nashville's talking points and other links

As the folks from Nashville start talking about receipts and revenue from the Music City Bowl, they have a clear talking point for BC. They have tagged us as a "team that doesn't travel." That's not news for us, but it is unfortunate that we were considered part of their "perfect storm."

This Globe article lists Gene, Skinner and TOB's BC salaries. I think these are in the ballpark, but I also question if it considers some of their fringe benefits too (cars, tuition, etc.).

The Sporting News projects BC as a 9 seed. SI has us on the bubble.

It is time to rehash the Mamula legacy again.

Raji's 40 time doesn't concern anyone.

HD's take on our newest staff member. My take is coming shortly.


CT said...

"It was a perfect storm of a bad economy and a poorly traveling team," Baker said. "Even in a great economy, I'm not sure the math would've been much better. The economic impact just isn't going to be great."

Note to self: never invite BC again.

We're really whinnowing down the list of bowls that'll take a chance on us (outside of the BCS). Thank goodness there's an ACC Commissioner or else we might never go anywhere.

BC strikes again!

Big Jack Krack said...

Just doodling and thinking that I guess we really do have a problem with travel and a relatively small fan base. But I still hate the general characterization.

I do not mean this as a knock on Vanderbilt at all (what the heck, they beat us, but I have to believe that if our head coach was less concerned with shopping himself around the result would have been different) - but if our opponent in the Music City Bowl was not from Nashville and was an SEC Team that did not lose it's last 6 games, there might have been more interest - Georgia, Tennessee, etc.

The bigger problem for BC is that these bowls are perceived to be mediocre or second tier, etc. In my view, it's all about the matchup then. With the right matchup, most bowls on this list can be a lot of fun.

If we EVER win the ACCCG we had better show up in full force in Miami. But even that might not be that much fun - for crying out loud we could play a Big East team like Rutgers in the Orange Bowl.

It seemed so much more exciting when you played a team like Tennessee, or Auburn, or Georgia - not someone from your own region. But the bowl alignments open up such a possibility - and it is those alignments that cause BC a lot of trouble trying to sell tickets.

Champs - Orlando
Music City
Charlotte - Meineke
San Francisco
Congressional Eagle Bank Wash, DC
Thank goodness no more Boise

As I continue to say - the ACCCG is the game for which we strive - and the most important game. See you in Charlotte in 2010 - if not Tampa this year :-). It could be 70-75 degrees in Charlotte for the Championship Game, it's an ACC area, and the stadium will be rocking with 73,000 fans, regardless of who the Coastal Division opponent is. Win that game and Miami will look awesome. The rest of the bowls depend in very large part on the opponent.

What do I know? - except that after 12 or 13 games, the matchup had better be good - not Toledo, or at Boise. I remember how disappointed I was to play Houston in the Cotton Bowl - just give us a team with Texas in their name :-)

Dan Popko said...

Just fyi on the salary thing. Those numbers come off of the not-for-profit form 990 the BC Board of Trustees have to file every year. Those numbers are also from the 2006 year, thus why Jagz and his salary were not available and TOB's was. The form lists numbers for "expense accounts and other allowances" outside of the compensation but all three have 0's there. If there are additional benefits it would not come from the trustees. As for tuition benefits, I'm pretty sure any employee of BC gets free tuition for family members.

CT said...

Well, we can rationalize it any way we want to. The truth of the matter is...there are no signs over the last 8 or 9 years that we can travel well.

We're consistently eligible for the Peach or Gator Bowls, which would bring an exciting opponent (in the Peach case, against an SEC team in the Georgia Dome--fun), but nobody wants us and I can't blame them.

No new ground being covered here, though. I'd agree the matchup is critical, but the bowls are trying to get the best contest for their own economic reasons. But they're constrained, too.

Any word on getting a group together for the ACC tourney at the Dome, March 12-15?

Joe Bags said...

Nashville can thank their lucky stars I opted to grace their third-rate city with my presence at all. They should also be thankful they did as well as they did, because there were more BC fans there than I expected. After reading this, I'm glad I stayed with friends in Louisville and didn't get a room in Nashville.