Monday, February 09, 2009

No respect from the media and other links

HD posted her first power ranking of the new year and BC comes in at 11. New coach, same problem. The national media is going to keep thinking that "this is the year it all falls apart for BC" until they are right. I love how they ignore that we have most of the offense returning and should have a very good D.

BC beat Harvard in the Beanpot to avoid a last place finish.

The ACC is expected to announce its complete football schedule Tuesday. BC already knows its opponents, just not their order. I'll have more on the schedule late Tuesday night.

The women's ACC skid continued in a loss to Maryland Monday night.


mod34b said...

Oh, HD, does art thou know anything about football???

Here is the entirety of her analysis:

"11. Boston College -- Consider this a rebuilding year for the Eagles. The loss of defensive tackles B.J. Raji and Ron Brace will have an effect up front. With a new staff, a small recruiting class and a young starting quarterback, the only direction for BC to head is up."

Dumb stuff....

HD also ranked BC #6 for the 2008 season afer it was done and we won the division!!! BC bashing must be what sells??

July 2008, here is HD's comments

"What can Boston College fans expect this season? Not much, until the Eagles prove otherwise. Of course, their expectations were higher than mine."

More way-off comments! No clue here, HD

September 2008

"10. Boston College (3-1, 0-1) -- The Eagles still need to win a conference game against an opponent with a winning record before they move up, and the fact that their starting quarterback threw just six passes on Saturday could be indicative of a problem."

Yes, even as of late sept. 2008 BC had no hope,....

Feb 2008 (HD predicts BC at #7)

"How the Eagles can get to Tampa: Start with finding a quarterback, a running back and a few guys to block for them."

BC shouldn;t even be in the ACC, they have no chance .. wait they did get to did that happen

Maybe we better start beefing up BC's PR department...e.g., recruit some exaggeraters from Clemson!

Big Jack Krack said...

Our non-league games are Kent State, Northeastern and at Notre Dame. Does anyone know who our 12th opponent is?

As usual, we have a very difficult schedule - we never seem to get Duke, although that game is no longer a guarantee. 8 tough ACC games plus the ND game will be tough this year, I believe.

Guess what - we have a nucleus of top-notch players, and once again we'll fly under the radar and hopefully contend for the championship. Why not?

If we can get the QB situation under control - if Davis improves or Tuggle emerges into a real talent, we'll shock them again.

The women are in a difficult stretch and hopefully will get back on track. 3 tough, ranked opponents in a row. They are one or two players away from being really good.

Congrats to the men's hockey team - let's go now and get on a hot streak coming down the stretch.

Adam M. said...

Heather Dinich is, and i'll try to be nice, very ignorant and knows nothing about footall. I don't know how she got a job with ESPN. Anyway, she only focuses on the two players we lost on D, rather than the 12000020203293 players we are returning. Her arguments that she uses are always very shallow and don't seem to have a lot of solid info to back them up. I'm pretty sure she said we wouldn't be in a bowl game last year, and she also said the ACC wouldn't fill up all its bowl spots.
Anyway,to answer your question Big Jack Krack, our 12th opponent is Central Michigan (9-4, 6-2 MAC last year), a decent mid-major opponent. According to BC Interruption, the OOC games are on these dates:
Sept. 5- Northeastern
Sept. 12- Kent State
Oct. 24- at Notre Dame
Oct. 31- Central Michigan

So after today, when the ACC announces the schedule, we should know the dates for our entire schedule next season.

eagleboston said...

I think it will be a tough year for BC football mainly due to the very tough schedule. Notre Dame is on the up, but we can lose that game (it is on the road)and it will have no effect on our ACC chances.

I actually believe BC wil be just as good on defense. Yes, we lost Raji and Brace, but we get Albright back and our two best linebackers return. Remember how going into last season there was tremendous concern about our defensive backs? They performed very well and almost the entire 2 deep returns.

Offensively, my only concern is a big one: QB. The quarterback touches the ball on nearly every offensive play and it is the most important position in football. Virtually the entire O-line is back. We lose Purvis, but Anderson is a very capable replacement. All of the runningbacks return. Hopefully, McCluskey will be back at fullback. Robinson is the only receiver BC loses and they have recruited bigger, taller receivers such as Momah and Larmond so I see an upgrade there.

The kicking game both in coverage and kicking is a concern, but we will have a new coach there and perhaps the freshman can step in and give us some more options inside the 35 this season.

Don't worry about the predictions. Every year since the Clinton Administration the pundits have predicted doom and gloom for BC football and nearly every year they contend for conference titles. I do think 7 wins will be a reasonable expectation given the tough schedule and a young QB, but if the ball bounces our way and injuries are low, 8-9 is not out of the question.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thank you Adam M - I appreciate it.

Looks like the first two games will be lightly attended.

I might consider flying to Chicago this year. The experience of shutting up the crowd in South Bend in 2004 was sweet!

mod34b said...

The BC schedule info is: "Boston College Home: Wake, N.C. State, FSU, UNC Away: Maryland, Clemson, UVa, Va. Tech Avoid: Duke, Miami, Ga. Tech "

I thinks its a plus to avoid G'Tech and Miami. Those two teams could well be the class of the league. You just know Miami will get its act together sooner rather than later and G'Tech just got better and better (leaving aside the bowl game) as the season went along e.g., beating Georgia.

So despite the article's negative spin, I think we are avoiding two really tough teams.

campy said...

The ACC web site now says the schecule will be announced Thursday 2/12 at 11 am.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod34b - I agree that avoiding GT and Miami is a very good thing. It would also be nice to skip VT every now and then, and pick up Duke - that would be as good as it gets, probably.

Too bad Campy - I was ready to hear the schedule today :-)