Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Women lose to Duke and other links

Duke ended the women's basketball team's recent run. This was probably a fair measuring stick of where the women stand -- they belong in the top half of the ACC but are not yet ready to knock off the heavyweights.

One of BC's last recruiting projects spurned our offer and is going to play closer to home at James Madison.

The national press is expecting Justin Tuggle to challenge Dominique Davis for the starting spot.

This recruiting class isn't even signed and it is already being called a disappointment.

If half the all conference team was rated highly coming out of high school and the other half entered college as unheralded, what does that mean for recruiting rankings? I don't know. Neither does this writer.

Here is another cool panoramic shot courtesy of Chris S.


Big Jack Krack said...

I'm glad the women kept fighting last night - good show in that regard. Perhaps they could have made the adjustments that worked in the second half earlier in the first half.

I wouldn't worry about the player who chose James Madison - that's where he wanted to be - home.

If Tuggle is anything like Wilson, we'll have a fun year. And Davis has some potential.

If the recruiting class is a disappointment - its mostly on Jagodzinski. Contributors to this site were screaming about the effort at mid-season.

Maybe we'll get a group of 2-Star athletes, like Herzlich and Raji and Harris and Costanzo, etc. etc. etc. - you know, BC Guys.

Ted H said...

Ugh. I am very worried when we get out recruited by a 1 AA program. Thats not a good sign.

eagleboston said...

I have been disappointed in BC's complete inability to defend its home turf. We need to start landing the Mass. players. I am not a huge fan of the recruiting ratings but there is no question that this class is not at the level of a team that has won 2 straight Atlantic titles. Thanks, Jags!

The good news is we had a very good class last year and if we land a decent class next year, this one poor class should not hurt us in the long run.