Sunday, March 08, 2009

Baseball makes history and other links

The doubters predicted that our football and basketball teams would struggle in the move to the ACC. But they were positive that baseball would suffer. Not this year. BC became the first ACC team to beat Florida State in its ACC opening series. And they did it in Tallahassee. Nice job.

The BC women lost the finals of the Hockey East tournament. But they still earned an at large bid and will face Minnesota Saturday.

The hockey team rebounded from their tough loss Friday night to beat Northeastern Saturday. They finished 6th in Hockey East and will face UNH in the opener of the Hockey East tournament.

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Big Jack Krack said...

Baseball = WOW and DOUBLE WOW. Congratulations to the cold weather boys - great job. The Georgia Tech Stadium looks like a great place to watch a baseball game or two or three - hope our Atlanta contingent can show some support to the baseball team while attending the ACC Basketball tournament - What a weekend!

Let's go Womens Hockey - beat Minnesota!!!

And even in a down year - let's go Men - you can beat UNH - do it!!!!!