Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NC State stuff

With the way the rest of the conference is playing out this game is actually rising in importance. A win combined with a victory in the final game might move BC into the top 4 of the conference standings. That would give the team a bye for the first round of the ACC Tournament.

Section Six has an interesting take on our team and also points to the first BC game as a turning point for NC State. When Lowe went big in the game at Conte, he found a lineup that worked.

Are you in Puerto Rico tonight? A bunch of BC students there for spring break have put together an impromptu game watch for NC State. You can join them at the the Videobar on Condado Beach near the Marriott.


Dalton said...

Anyone know of a game watch in Boston tonight?

Big Jack Krack said...

We need tough defense tonight - rebounding especially. Section Six observations are interesting.

Erik said...

Puerto Rico HOOOOOOO
Puerto Rico HOOOOOOO
Puerto Rico HOOOOOOO

morrina said...

Would be nice if there was a game watch in Boston.

I don't know who I hate more, Comcast for refusing to add ESPNU, or Verizon (was does have the U) for relentlessly advertising its Fios service when it is not even available in Boston.

Unknown said...

RCN does have ESPNU and offers service in Brighton so maybe the Brighton Beer Garden (site of previous football game watches) is showing the game. Just a shot in the dark.

Erik said...

Isn't this about the time someone asks if there's a gamewatch in the Raleigh area?

DS said...

for about the 4th time this season, i will have to head over to allston sports depot to watch the game

go Eagles!

ps -- go to the bc photo store and get a free 9x12 (you just have to pay shipping). i got an awesome photo of reggie jackson


JP from Dorchester said...

This site often streams ESPNU, they did last week for the FSU game.

morrina said...


Thanks!!!!! Saves me a trip to some crummy sports bar.

Nick said...

Well, that's about as frustrating as losses get, I'd say.

CT said...

On the bright side, we get an extra game in the
ACC tourney to show how truly inconsistent we are.


Let's get the young guys one game in the NCAAs and Rice one more trip to the Big Dance before he starts his career in Turkey.

Walter said...

That was not an enjoyable game. They come in hot for once and then immediately fade away. They could have had this one.

Now the GT game is that much more important; hopefully we win that one and a winning record in the ACC.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the game, and it was there for the taking, but....... I can't analyze a game as well as I once might have, but they defended Rice well, and his shots didn't fall (0-5 3pointers; 5 for 12 overall). I thought #10 Gonzalez played very well at times.
When Tyrese scores 14 points in a game like that, chances are we are not going to win - period. Secondly, we needed Trapani to score more than 11 points tonight, and he wasn't able to do so. Rakim can be down right scary for opponents at times, and he really did a great job down the stretch, but it wasn't enough.

Paris and Jackson couldn't add much. I thought Southern and Dunn might have scored more than 8 points combined. Let's face it - just a couple more baskets midway through the 2nd half and we win this game - we couldn't get the ball in the hole, as they say. Say, if Roche was 2 - 4 on his threes instead of 1 - 4 and Trapani scored that dunk when he got fouled - we get the picture.

Someone (sorry, can't remember who) mentioned that the NC State big lineup might or would give us problems. I agree with that, because their 3 6'9" guys on the floor at the same time was a problem for us. And that Horner kid from New Jersey threw in some big threes - I didn't expect that. I also didn't expect McCauley to get 20 points (although it was senior night, and his last home game).

We were lucky that 6'6" Fels went out (hope he's okay for their sake), but they had a couple of other 240 pounders who were tough.

Maybe I'll have some more thoughts later. The NC State fans treated me well - but boy, one can get real sick of that wolf call they blow through the PA system all night. There were maybe 12,000 fans in the 19,000+ seat stadium.

The big takeaway is that this young team couldn't quite do it, and that's too bad. But I felt that they played hard and never quit - that's a good thing. Beat GT on Saturday - Go BC. (this is not a given). Would you have taken 9-7; 21-10 at the start of the season?

If Al can bring in a quality big man or two, and Southern and Dunn improve, etc - this team will be a contender for the next two seasons for sure.