Monday, March 02, 2009

Reminder to Atlanta area BC fans: Gene is coming to town

For those of you who might have missed the invite or forgot to RSVP, there is still time to join your fellow BC supporters next week at a dinner with Gene DeFilippo. Here is the information:
An Evening with Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Reception 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Gene DeFilippo to address alumni at 7:00 p.m.
Georgia Tech Alumni House
190 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30313

Alumni, Parents and Friends,

Please join the BC Atlanta Chapter of the Boston College Alumni Association as we welcome Boston College Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo, to a reception at the Georgia Tech Alumni House.

With the ACC tournament just around the corner we're thrilled to kick-off the tournament weekend by welcoming Gene to Atlanta and have him discuss what has taken place over the past year for the University's 750 student-athletes and its 31 varsity teams.

RSVP by Friday, March 6, to or 800-669-8430.

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be provided. Business attire preferred.

For those of you in other areas of the country, I strongly suggest you continue to reach out to BC for opportunities like this. Our local chapter leadership has been very aggressive in trying to get speakers. This is the payoff for their efforts.


Sr.Atlanta said...

I will be there.

Thanks to Mike & Kyla for their hard work!

Bravesbill said...

Who would want to listen to this hypocritical gasbag speak?

Big Jack Krack said...

I hope our Atlanta contingent asks some tough questions about the cause of sagging attendance at winter sports; Does the attendance problem have anything to do with the ticket policies? How about the seating policies? Can he reduce the cost of student tickets? Has there been any thought to restructure Conte Forum to give the students more access to the floor? If the "adult" seats are empty (no-shows) 5 minutes into the game, why not open them up to first come first served student fans?

Will we revisit - renegotiate football tailgate policies? How about allowing tailgating on the Brighton Campus (compromise - no open fires). How much are we paying the Fenway Sports Group, that innovative, sports-oriented sales and marketing organization, since we can't even fill up the football stadium? Seems like a waste of money.

Gene, what can you, as the Director of Athletics, do to improve our home attendance at ACC games in particular? Do you see this as one of your responsibilities? Are you happy with 4,000 to 5,000 empty seats at some of the football games? And basketball and hockey as well - Conte one half empty during games. Why is that, Gene? Why can't you drum up more interest? Can you refuse to play 9:00pm mens basketball games on week nights?

I think that 15 minutes of the two hours can be spent asking some tough questions - why not? I swear, if we can ever win one of these championship games in football, we'll really be "Golden" Eagles. Conversely, if we begin to slide a little, the attendance issue will become even more of a problem - then it becomes a viscious circle with recruits.

BCMike said...

Bravesbill--I would, for one. We're excited Gene is coming.

BJK--It's drinks and snacks for the first hour, then Gene will start talking around 7. How long, and if he fields any questions are up to him...I have not heard the format yet. I can tell you we didn't bring him down to grill him for a couple hours, though. I'm sure there will be a mixed bag of questions thrown his way...jmho.

Big Jack Krack said...

You're right, BCMike - and I understand about form and decorum, etc. Perhaps some of these concerns, if shared by our Atlanta Chapter faithful, could be brought up informally during drinks and snacks in small groups - or one on one.

I must say that 750 student-athletes and 31 varsity teams is pretty impressive indeed.

I'm not a malcontent - but I get frustrated with the empty seats, that's all. Have a great time, and I look forward to the report.

ORDEagle said...

If you have never done one of these with Gene - I can tell you he will take any and all questions and answer them. He does not get intimidated by tough questions. You may not like or agree with the answer - but he is pretty certain in his convictions.

Joe Bags said...

ATL - Put his feet to the fire!

Kevin said...

Can someone PLEASE ask him any information about a potential Boston College Lacrosse Team (not a club team).

I live in the state of Maryland, and lacrosse is huge down here, and I would imagine it's huge up there, so, PLEASE ask.


BCMike said...

Kevin-- I'm strongly in favor of a lax program. That is one of the few questions I have for sure. The other two are marketing-based, which is my background-specifically about why we don't narket BC to the Boston Sports public because we believe we have a large, untapped base of students and alums.

Willis said...

I'm with BJK on the unused ticket policy. Many alumni buy basketball season tickets just for access to the "big games." An online registry should be created where Alumni can login on gameday (and up to minutes before tipoff) to elect not to use the tickets and release them into a pool for students to come to will-call to get free tickets for the game.

If Alumni and others with season tickets can't make it to the games then we shouldn't sit idly by and look bad on TV by having an empty arena. It's a complete waste. Students love getting things for free, I don't know that this would be an exception (unless BC students have turned into complete losers who don't like sports, but Duke has dealt with this issue for years!)