Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spaz in the spotlight and other links

Ivan Maisel wrote a very nice feature on Spaz for Credit to BC sports Information on this as they always do a good job of shaping a narrative on a new coach with the national media.

NC State blog Section Six produced their usual solid take on last night's game.

This writer thinks Raji would be ideal as a NT in a 3-4 defense.

The The Suffolk DA dropped charges against Sean Williams. He is now free to return to campus. His lawyer even floated the idea of him graduating one day. I think 3-year-old will get a BC degree before Williams wises up.

The BC women start their ACC Tournament Friday.

The Gene chat hit on the usual topics. However, the "we've tried everything" answer to basketball attendance rings a bit hollow. There has got to be an answer for the less exciting opponents.

BC kids have a long tradition of using their spring breaks for service trips. This year some BC students even came to Georgia to help the elderly and less fortunate.


Media Center said...

Actually, the Herald got it wrong. The women are playing Miami right now.

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC women beat Miami Thursday night for their 20th win.

morrina said...
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morrina said...

I'm really tired of the "we've tried everything" answer to poor attendance. Obviously, they have not. Is he kidding with the answer of "and through the years, I have not seen any measurable change in our basketball attendance." I wish he could be more honest here. How are they going to fix the problem if they do not even acknowledge it? Jeeeez! Look at how many questions in that one chat there were about attendance. Who are they trying to kid?! It makes me even angrier that they try to avoid it or gloss over it. Work harder!!!!

flutie22phelan20 said...

It hepls to acknowledge a problem before you attempt to fix it.

This is Gene's comment about the declining bball attendance, particularly for conference games:

Gene DeFilippo: I'm completing my 12th academic year at Boston College, and through the years, I have not seen any measurable change in our basketball attendance.

That's 100% wrong. Student attendance, for some reason, has plummeted over the past four years or so, even as they've cut the number of student seats. Premium seating attendance is less than 2/3for all but the Duke game. That has not always been the case.

morrina said...

My guess is that because of the economic crisis, they will be devoting even fewer resources to attendance, particularly because as he points out, tickets sales are fine. So, does that mean "who cares how many people show up"? Sad thing is there are many things you can do that don't cost a lot of money, like getting some grassroots efforts going among the students.

btw, did anyone notice the full house at the Penn State game on tv last night....during Spring break!

I don't have much hope of a crowd for Saturday's game, so once again the team will have to find its own energy...on senior day no less.

BCMike said...

I imagine Penn State and any other ginormous public state school that has over 50k kids can fill up most arenas with little effort.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

I think someone raised this point a few blog posts ago, but wasn't the Fenway Sports Group hiring supposed to increase BC's visibility in the city and fill up the empty seats? No offense to anyone reading this right now who works for them, but I have seen zero increase in attendance since they were brought on.