Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Springtime for Spaz

Today marks the beginning of BC's spring practices. The recruiting was a nice first step, but this is where the Spaz era truly begins. The latest news on McLaughlin is somewhat encouraging. But I don't think we can count on him being back for a full season or be at 100% when he returns. Achilles are tricky injuries and can often be long recoveries. His unfortunate injury added a new challenge to Spring but there are plenty of things to do between now and the Spring Game. Here are the main objectives.

1. Learn the offense. Tranquill has taught and installed his offense at multiple stops in his long career. I am sure he has a sound plan on what to introduce and when to introduce it. It helps that crucial holdovers like Day and Sirmans are around to bridge any gaps for the kids. This transition should be much easier than the Bible to Logan switch.

2. Find a QB.
Davis, Tuggle and Boek will all get shots to win the job. I don't think we will come out of Spring Practice with a clear QB. However, it will go a long way toward determining the front runner. If we hadn't changed offensive staffs I would bet on Tuggle as the favorite. The new staff hasn't tipped their hand nor really seen any of the guys live, so it is up in the air.

3. Find a linebacker rotation.
The McLaughlin injury moved this up the priority list. I think they have to plan as if he won't return. Thompson is considered the next MLB, but I would expect multiple players to get an opportunity. Some of the redshirts showed promise on the scout team and there is a chance one or two DBs might be move to LB too.

4. Learn the new offensive line scheme. This won't be as dramatic as it could have been. Based on his history and work at coaching clinics, Devine uses a zone scheme. How different or what intricacies he uses is unknown. This will also be the fourth position coach for some of these linemen so they are used to change. Either way, OL should be a strength of the team next year.

5. Find a defensive tackle rotation. Raji and Brace will not be easy to replace. But there is talent left. The key will be seeing who steps up. The return of Alex Albright will also make the defensive line better and put less pressure on the Brace-Raji replacements.


Big Jack Krack said...

We're all concentrating on basketball and hockey - rightly so. What a Friday night it could be.......!

Meanwhile, I'll weigh in a little bit.

Linebacker rotation - Although first losing Toal and of course Francois (did he ever get hurt? - what a machine) I still wasn't too worried about next year, because we still have Herzlich and McLaughlin. However, without McLaughlin, I'm really concerned and scared - I don't know what we have for depth - but now we need two new starters and 3 solid backups. If Mike can make it - great, but an achilles is awful.

I don't know much about Will Thompson, but he'll get his chance, for sure. Here's hoping he can step right up, because we're getting used to outstanding LB play. How about McCluskey? Wasn't he recruited as a linebacker? Dan Williams? Mike Morrisey? - good stock! DiSanzo? Corey Phelps? Nick Clancy? It will be an interesting spring - and fall!

Should be interesting to see what the new coaches do with Boek. My eye is on Tuggle if he has a pretty good arm. He sure looks like he has the speed, and he should have the football smarts! And of course Davis could shock us all.

OL should be strong regardless......

More on defensive tackle later.

Go BC - beat BU and beat USC!!!!

Erik said...

We'll be okay at linebacker, some of our youth have been among our better-rated recruits.

I'll feel really good about the defense if we can get 14 games out of Albright.