Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts before the selection

We are being slotted by bracketologists as a 8, 9, or 10 seed. If that happens we will face a tough opener and a very tough second round game. I won't list all the potential opponents, but here are the ones I fear and the ones I think we could beat. Nothing too scientific. This is based more on style and matchups. I am not discounting any of the 1s or 2s. I am just saying that some will run us out of the building while others are beatable. Leave your thoughts below and I'll certainly have more to say once the pairings are announced after 6 PM ET.

Good Matchups

Michigan State
West Virginia
Mississippi State
Ohio State

Bad Matchups
Texas A&M


bcmurph08 said...

i feel like uconn would be tough just because we have no answer for thabeet. there is only so much dunn and southern could do.

Ryan said...

I disagree with this almost totally. Our two biggest weaknesses are lack of rebounding and size and inability to break a press. The reason we stand a chance against Duke and not Wake is because Duke doesn't rebound that well (and they still killed us on the boards) and Wake has monstrous size for easy put backs. Teams like UConn, Pitt, and Oklahoma would kill us for that reason.

eaglefbfan said...

I agree with Ryan. UConn and Pitt would absolutely kill BC in the post.
Also, there is no way the committee would match up BC and Purdue for a potential second round game as they have alrady played this year.

Galvin said...
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Galvin said...

I do not want to play Pitt or Oklahoma. Blair/Griffin would run over us. We are bad enough on the d-rebounding edge without having to play those monsters.

jay said...

i'm with ryan, eaglefbfan, and galvin. i do not want to play any teams with dominant bigs. this includes, but is not limited to, oklahoma, pitt, uconn, and from what i've seen in the SEC tournament, mississippi state.

PR_EAGLE said...

# 7 seed playing USC in the first round in Minnesota...Secound Round Matchup would be Michigan State

Rob said...

BC can definitely make the Sweet 16 with their seed. I'm happy.

Thomas said...

Since Louisville is the highest overall seed, does that mean MICH ST. is the lowest overall 2 seed and BC is the highest 7 seed?

EagleEye2002 said...

I dunno. Im feeling a little uneasy about this USC matchup. They are a really athletic team. I do think Michigan State could be a good matchup for us if we get to the second round.

CT said...

I agree with most of the other posters. We would get killed by teams with athletic big men. Didn't Wake and Clemson teach us that? I've already said this, but Duke isn't tall, not that athletic, and we can hang with them (overrated #2 seed). There's a huge lesson there. UConn, as distasteful as they and their fans are, would push us around, as would any bigger team.