Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tim Floyd stuff and other links

Tim Floyd doesn't have the greatest reputation in college basketball. The man is known for doing what it takes to get recruits, whether it be signing their friends as a package deal or hiring family members. But we BC fans shouldn't cast the first stone as Preston Murphy had prior relationships with Southern and Sanders. He's been great as Director of Ops and is seen as a rising coaching talent, but having an in with Al and two highly touted recruits didn't hurt his chances for getting the job three years ago.

Floyd thinks the game will be physical. All this physical talk is funny to me. First, I don't think we are nearly as physical as we were a few years ago. I also don't think we have ever been as physical as some of the old Big East teams or Bob Huggins teams or even the Washington State teams that USC faces annually. But let the Trojans think that. It can't hurt.

Vega is moonlighting back on the BC beat and had a nice article on Sanders. Rhode Islanders are paying close attention to Sanders' first shot at the big stage.

Spaz confirmed my prediction from yesterday -- he is unlikely to name a starter until summer.

BJ is in Detroit today meeting with the Lions. I hope he goes No. 1 overall, but I don't think Detroit is going to take a risk like that after what they've been through the past decade.

Finally this is one last image from the ACC Tournament. Matt really is a good sport.


Erik said...

The Tim Floyd recruiting things -- we should have the whole country cheering for BC.

CT said...

That quote from Dave Odom sounded peculiar.

We don't let teams dunk on us? Really? I don't remember too many Clemson or Wake guys on their backs.

Maybe USC has a problem. Maybe they don't. Either way, it isn't b/c we're going to knock you down. Who would do that? Southern? Trapani? Uh, I don't think so.

And Floyd's quote that Pac-10 kids don't think that basketball is played outside of the Pac-10? What? The East Coast might be able to get away with saying that--ACC, Big East--but the Pac-10? What about the East Coast media reminding the world every day?

Very odd.

downtown_resident said...

It makes sense the players would think that only the Pac-10 plays hoops. After all, they grew up watching all those NCAA tournament champions from the conference during this decade.

Wait, maybe there's another reason.