Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tourney in Boston and other links

Boston, in large part because of BC's work as a host school, is holding an NCAA regional for the first time. It looks like it will be a big success financially.

The expectations will be a little different for the basketball team next year.

Nathan Gerbe is hoping to extend his strong season into the playoffs.

How cool would it be for Jamie Silva to show up at your school's career day? (Thanks to John for the link.)

Remember Tom Dienhart and his ongoing spin for TOB? He's back overstating TOB's accomplishments and diminishing the latest BC coach. What does a BC coach have to do to register with this guy? And how does TOB keep having losing seasons at NC State yet keep moving up these lists?


Brian said...

That list is horrible. Grobe and TOB over Paul Johnson, Butch Davis and Bobby Bowden??

Bowden has two national championships. Butch Davis basically built a National Champion and served it on a plate to Coker. Paul Johnson nearly won more games in his first year at Georgia Tech than NC State has in two years under TOB.


eagle1331 said...

Not only does Dienhart's article come to sports illustrated via but the man doesn't even have an e-mail address associated with a professional news source. I think after all the terrible crap we've seen him write we should know by now to take what he says with a grain of salt... his work is the BU, at best, if every other writer is BC.

conlonc said...

Absolutely brutal. And I'd be saying that even if Spaz was somewhere in the middle.

Big Jack Krack said...

I love the Jamie Silva story.

I wonder what the general admission attendance will be for the regional in Boston? Will area college basketball fans show up, or "fink out"? The weather will be fairly good for Boston, except for Sunday (rainy).

Let's circle October 17th for TOB's return to BC. We'll have our hands full with Wilson, but we're going to win that game :-) Imagine a coach that good (one of the best in the country) in his third year at his school losing to such an untested (translation lousy) coach as Spaziani in his first year - never having been a head coach? For shame, for shame!

We get to fly under the radar again.

morrina said...

I'll be at the Garden this weekend, representing BC fans. Planning to wear my BC gear and cheer for Nova over the hated Dukies. All in all, we got two good games, although I was hoping to see Pitt-FSU. Sooooooo glad that we didn't get UConn in this region...that would have been too obnoxious to take.

Big Jack Krack said...

UConn only graduates 10% of their basketball players, according to the latest survey of the 64 NCAA teams. I also noticed that YAHOO sports (????) investigated this incident on the Nate Miles kid - Seems like Calhoun has made some enemies.;pid=138863;d=this

Actually a colleague's wife did the sleuthing :-)