Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barber resigns from Board and other links

Greg Barber, who endowed the football coach's salary, resigned from the BC Board of Trustees. He gave the Globe a pithy "no comment" on why he decided to resign now. Read into it what you want. The speculation is pretty broad. Everything from his continued frustration with Gene, to his net worth taking a serious hit have been whispered as explanations. I have nothing concrete either way, but Barber has been pretty vocal about his unhappiness with BC Athletics for the past two years.

Kiwi and his mother are sharing their family story with students in Connecticut.

What is it about UMass that is giving the baseball team such trouble?


eaglephile said...

I'm not too worried about the baseball team's loss to UMass. It gives us a pretty good indication of who we can put on the bump in a conference tourney, regionals, supers and omaha (?!).

I'm more worried about the lack of quality arms. We have 3 quality starters in Dean, Moran, and MacDonald, but Leonard and Dennhardt have really struggled lately, and are horrible in the K/BB ratio (Moran seems to struggle here too).

It'll be interesting to see if our bats can continue to light up the score board down the stretch.

eagleboston said...

Wow, what a bunch of idiots posting on the Boston Globe comments regarding Barber. They are blasting Gene because he got us out of the Big East. Boy, that was a horrible move to the ACC. I went from maybe seeing BC once a year on TV during the Big East years to seeing nearly every single game last year. Yeah, that was a poor decision to move to the ACC.

C'mon people, BC is an ACC school. Accept it and embrace it. For the thousands of us who don't drool over the Red Sox and live outside I-495, this move has been awesome. Absolutely terrific.

John said...

The move to the ACC has been a hands down success: those that are b'tching are massholes or still mired in the Big Least.

Financially, and in terms of national exposure, the move had been a boon. Whatever you think of Gene, the conference upgrade has been a net gain, across all metrics.