Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mock drafting BJ and other links

It is Mock Draft season where you see the endless possibilities of who will land where. This version has the Packers taking Raji 9th overall.

The BC Crew team had a strong weekend. The Varsity team went undefeated against New England Rowing Conference rivals New Hampshire and Rhode Island. (Thanks to John for the link.)

This may not seem like a big deal, but the men's tennis team is ranked for the first time in school history. Congrats to the guys.

Another big day for Tony Sanchez as the baseball team beat UConn. They take on NC State at home this weekend. Not sure what the weather will be like, but come out and support what looks to be one of the best BC baseball teams in some time.

The softball team won both ends of a double-header against Holy Cross Wednesday.

Joe Martinez won the Giants Spring Training award. Let's hope it is a sign that he's going to have a big season. (Thanks to Michael for the link.)


John said...


cjack said...

BJ Raji is going to make some money. But it is too bad that this "Off field issues" tag still follows him, and will cost him the opportunity to make more money. BJ does not have off-field issues. He isn't the world's greatest student and he received some very poor advising which disqualified him. BJ lost a year, someone lost their job, and now this tag follows him.

Louis Hinnant said...


BJ Raji, indeed, has off-field issues.

Looks like he was hitting the reefer a little too close to the Combine.

Eagle1 said...

If he really did fail, he's a fucking idiot. Holy shit.

eagleboston said...

I find it very interesting how pot is viewed in our society. Drinking is rampant among NFL players and yet pot is considered evil and results in penalties. Granted, it is illegal, but so is jaywalking and speeding. Why some legislators decided pot was the Great Satan while alcohol is considered acceptable is beyond me. I personally don't smoke pot because I don't want to put anything bad in my lungs, but I don't believe it is morally wrong to smoke the herb, just as I don't feel moderate drinking is a problem. Strange how heavy drinkers look with disdain at pot smokers.

On the other side of the coin, Raji knew the NFL considers pot the Great Satan and yet he allegedly chose to smoke it anyway. Is he severely lacking in judgment and common sense? If you want to smoke pot without ramifications, become a roadie for AC/DC.