Friday, April 03, 2009

Roster updates and other links

BC released the latest football roster. Bios for all the new coaches are included. On the player front the news is really only in the omissions and new positions. John Elliot and Chris Hayden-Martin are off due to injury (and likely done as football players). No word on what happened to Jerry Kelly. The attrition rate is a reminder of why I don't like the practice of banking scholarships.

McGovern spoke with HD. He repeats what we know: it's Herzy and the youngsters.

The baseball game against NC State was postponed. There will be a double header Saturday.

The BCI guys posted this already but for those who missed it, Cablevision will be adding ESPN U on more of their systems. I get the U through DirecTV now and although the broadcasts have a low rent feel, it is nice to have all the games on the big screen.


Eagle in Somerville said...

Why is everyone assuming that BJ Raji's failed drug test is for marijuana? Is it just because we already know that he tested positive for marijuana while at BC? Neither the league nor SI is saying which drug, and BJ hasn't said anything.
Until I hear otherwise, I will consider it a safe assumption that this is anything BUT marijuana.
Since marijuana is the allegation that will hurt him the least(already decriminalized in Massachusetts), and the fact that he failed for something is public, if it was marijuana his agent would encourage him to admit it and apologize. His silence strongly indicates to me that he failed the drug test for something worse.
Am I the only person who thinks that?

Big Jack Krack said...

We were speculating just the other day about Jerry Kelly - guess we have our answer.

Eagle in Somerville - hope you're wrong. B.J. is a grown man who can do whatever stupid thing he wants to do - I just hate it because BC's name gets dragged into it. We did well with the publicity because of Matt Ryan last year - it would have been nice to keep that going.

Big Jack Krack said...

The team held its first scrimmage today - if Davis isn't careful, he'll be third string pretty quickly. He might be better as a WR anyway.

Looks like we have a wealth of receivers with RS FR Clyde Lee shining today. I think we're going to be okay at DT - Ramsey seems a little undersized, but he's good.

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry - I don't mean to be obnoxious with multiple posts.

What happened to Eliott and Hayden-Martin? I thought they would both be big contibutors to our team - that's too bad for those guys - and us!

Lenny Sienko said...
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Lenny Sienko said...

An awful lot of interceptions reported from today's scrimmage:

Scrimmage Report

Sorry about the dual post. My html is a little rusty and my typing is worse.

matthew2 said...

Is davis fast enough to be a WR? He strikes me as more of a "mediocre QB" than a "serviceable wide receiver".

Big Jack Krack said...

Matthew - I don't know, it's a good question. Nothing against the young man, but I don't think Davis will ever be a good quarterback at this level. Hence, I was trying to see if there was any other position he could play. Bench warmer appears to be his future.

I may be dead wrong, but that's what I truly feel - he doesn't have it.

Just sitting here watching the Final Four realizing how much I hate the Flex.

CT said...

Eagle in Somerville....yes, you are.


It was marijuana, according to reports. It's not a criminal matter, it's a potential-down-the-road matter, for whomever drafts him.

It's a common sense matter. Who cares if the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts has decriminalized it?

Plus, hey, BC gets dragged into it unintentionally.

First offense for Mary Jane once in the NFL is a fine, the second is suspension.

CT said...

Davis is too slow to even play the spread option at QB. And too small. I remember one good throw--the late TD pass vs. Vandy--in two games.

We talked all last pre-season about what we could do if Crane "just managed" the game.

He couldn't.

Neither can Davis.

It's time to take a page out of the bball team's playbook and build up the QB position for 2010.

Will the OC be alive in 2010?

The flex is akin to watching grass grow.