Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slow news day

Not much going on BC wise today. Later tonight I'll have the latest basketball grades and upcoming this week there will be more on the Best and Worst of Spaz.

Austin Giles remains confident the DLine will deliver even without Brace and Raji.

Joe Lunardi thinks we will be a bubble team next year. The BCI guys are all over this. I think we are a lock to make the tourney and think we can potentially challenge for the conference title.

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Big Jack Krack said...

We have the short interview of Giles with mentions about Scafe and Deska.

I'm curious about Alex Albright, Max Holloway, Bryan Murray, Brad Newman, Jim Ramella, Kaleb Ramsey and Nick Rossi (is he playing DT?). Seems like we're a little thin in terms of depth at DT.

Will Dillon Quinn be able to step in at DT as a true freshman? (Scafe, Murray, Ramsey maybe Rossi and Quinn) Who am I missing? A few key injuries and we're in Deep Kimchee. Too bad the one unnamed guy was such a loser - we could have used the experience on the defensive line this year.

Any mention that they might consider Claiborne to go back to the defensive side of the ball with Goodman coming up?