Friday, April 17, 2009

What's old is new again on offense

Spaz talked to HD today and gave her a high level overview of the new offense. He mentions less passing, more traditional running, and more "pro style." All of that is vague enough to not really tell us anything. The only concern for me is the running game. I hope we don't completely abandon the zone scheme and stretches. Because our OL coach, line and backs are all comfortable in that style.

Spaz didn't tip his hand on the QB front either. Word is that Davis remains on top of the depth chart but isn't really standing out.

I remain optimistic about next season but predict a lot of 9-7, 13-10 type of games.

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CT said...

Even good defenses give up more than 13 points in a game when the offense continually goes 3-and-out.

I am less optimistic about our chances given that the guy who touches the ball on every offensive play happens to be our weakest position.