Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baseball gets to 30 wins and other links

The baseball team won again and reached the 30 win mark for the first time since 2005.

The women's track team won the New England championship.

Mobile just started their ACC affiliation and they are already talking about their preference for southern teams over BC.

The death of Nick Adenhart was just the latest emotional hurdle for former Eagle Ryan Leahy.


BCMike said...

World to Mobile, AL and the GMAC Bowl:

Beggars can't be choosers.




Herzylax22 said...

GMAC prefers local team. DUH! BC fans need to get used to this economic fact. Unless we win the ACC title, we will ALWAYS go to a bowl slotted lower than our league standing. We need to find something else to get agita over. Just win baby!

J Mac said...

Until we start to travel in large numbers (which I believe is a few ACC championships away), we will always play in bowl games that are (1) lower than our seeding in the ACC or (2) within/100 miles of our opponent in a virtual "road" game.

Darius said...

If our team is bad enough that nine of the eleven other teams in the league can get picked above ours, we deserve the snub.

Lenny Sienko said...

Mobile? That's a city in Alabama, isn't it?

Is their field blue?

Erik said...

Oh Dong. Where is my Automobile?


Actually, what I find funnier is not any comment about BC, but rather that they think FSU and Miami would be good choices. Admittedly we're in a once in a generation low point for those programs, but smart money says they'll be back in the Orange Bowl or BCS Title Game a few more times long before they get the last place bowl in the ACC.

Maybe the GMAC bowl can take the Patriots or Steelers, too.

mod34b said...

Mobile, Alabama doesn't want us!! Well THANK YOU. Who would ever want to go to Mobile, Al. While it might be better than going to a blue field in Boise, Idaho, going to an ancient 40,000 person stadium in Mobile sounds reallyl unappealling (am I wrong? Is there something worth seeing in Mobile?)

But I guess the real problem with the Mobile-deal is what it reveals about the management of the ACC; they appearently still think of themselves as a southern league that BC happens to be visting....

BeantownBC85 said...

Self fulfilling prophecy.
We're too north for a southern league, so they say they don't want us. We get upset and make jokes about the south and saying we have no interest in playing in the bowl, so we don't want them.

Rinse and repeat.

Joe Bags said...

This is the part where I voice my preference for a bowl game played in a city worth travelling to.

Darius said...

Joe Bags, that's not a lot of cities. Just about every city has *something* to do, *some* lame little tourist traps, and you can have a fun time wherever you are, especially if you're there with friends. But even some of the BCS bowls are in pretty blah places. Phoenix? What the heck's in Phoenix? Boise is a cold hickville, but at least there's good skiing not far away. That puts it one feature up on the Gator and on many of the irrelevant bowls equivalent in stature to Boise, like Memphis and Toronto and Nashville and especially Detroit.

What it really comes down to is expressing a preference for one of the very few bowl games that MEANS something... and I think we're all for that.