Sunday, May 31, 2009

BC loses the allnighter

BC was on the wrong end of history tonight, losing the longest game in NCAA history. 3-2 Texas doesn't tell the whole story. The real heroes were the middle relievers for both teams. It was a classic pitchers duel for most of the game. Belfiore was gutsy for BC and Texas' Wood was dominant.

Now BC has to turn around and play Army at noon ET to avoid elimination.

Unbelievable. I've watched a ton of baseball in my life and can't remember anything like this. Let's hope BC can bounce back quickly and get another shot at the Longhorns.


Brian said...

I know it was literally games ago, but don't forget Pat Dean's performance too. He has pitched lights out his last few starts.

Can you really consider Belfiore middle relief? Ha. He also played 1B tonight. Incredible.

That's one way of getting people to talk about BC baseball.

mod34b said...

I tell you, it is amazing to think how BC Baseball has progressed since my days at BC. I graduated durng the mid-80s, the Flutie years if you will, and baseball was just a bunch of guys without scholarships who played local New England ball with mixed results. The field was the grass behind Alumni stadium. No one ever went to a game. They may have had a small set of bleachers for fans akin to a little leauge set up. Very small time stuff. My friend was a pitcher on the BC team. He could blow my doors off with a wiffle ball (nasty, unhittable curve with a wiffle ball), but as for whiffing me (and opposing NCAA batters) with a hard ball, not so much. Almost no one from that era could even make it on the lowest pro farm leagues. Now, playing toe-to-toe with a powerhosue like Texas is insane!!! Way to go BC Baseball!! It remnds me of BC football that kind of arrived on the national stage by beating (I think) Texas in football in the 1970's

Ry said...

We have definitely come a long yay competitively and i'm proud of the guys for what they did last night. unfortunately BC still plays on the grass behind alumni and the seating set up is still very much little league. Imagine if that weren't the case though...we could do some serious damage.

Darius said...

Win or lose, it's awesome publicity. If BC slips past Army, the rematch with Texas is going to get even more publicity, regardless of the outcome.

And on that note, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the rematch would be a wildly different game? Either a Home Run Derby or an absolute blowout by one of the teams (probably Texas, but you never know--a team capable of demolishing Clemson 13-1, or Miami 10-1 and 13-3, can do the same to anyone in the country).

This is an awesome development for BC baseball. Nothing like taking advantage of the first NCAA trip in 42 years by making a huge splash.

Ry said...

Not sure if this is right or not, but per's schedule the winner of the BC vs Army game plays Texas tonight at 7pm. If we were to win two games today we'd have to play Texas again tomorrow. Talk about a deck that is stacked in favor of the 1 seeds...or at least the team that wins its first two games.